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Where to order Hanwag boots
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CBennett 03-Oct-19
WapitiBob 03-Oct-19
midwest 03-Oct-19
From: CBennett
Has anyone had any good or bad experience with ordering Hanwag boots online ? Our local Scheels doesn’t carry them anymore. I have had good luck with the pair of Alaska gtx I bought a couple years ago. I wear them almost every day for work and play, only pair of boots that have stayed waterproof for me that long. Any advice on where to get another pair would be appreciated . Thanks

From: WapitiBob
Bought mine from campsaver on a big discount. Rei told me they can order but will charge retail.

Hanwag Alaska are still the only waterproof boot I’ve had in 25+ years.

From: midwest
$275 on Amazon

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