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How to prepare a moose scapula for hunti
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From: Spanky
I got a moose scapula from my meat cutter. How do I prepare it for hunting? Some say boil it some say not to.

From: JusPassin

Not sure but will be interested to find out. I need to get one for raking in the bulls

From: Nick Muche
Clean it up real well and soak it in a bucket of water for awhile.

From: Plum lake
I soak mine in water with dawn dish soap for a day then scrape any excess meat off it and then rub it in sand or gravel whatever you have available. Helps with any oil or material left on it. Drill a hole near base of "handle" and add a short rope.

From: trakman
I use one made of plywood it will do the just as good

From: BigOzzie
I have used one I found from a wolf kill, it had laid in the sun for a couple of years and was just fine. I have had luck with a stick banging it on a tree, I have had luck with a hammer and pounding nails on a deer stand I was building, but the best luck was a canoe paddle.

anyways to answer the question, leave it in the sun for a while.


From: APauls
I boiled one, but it disintegrated pretty quick. Or maybe I was just too aggressive ;) The next one I just scraped meat off and it seems to be holding better.

From: Dale06
When I hunted moose in Alaska, the guides used a different tool to rake trees. They use a plastic whiskey bottle ( bottom cut out) that was attached to a 18-24” piece of broom stick or similar round wood piece. It sounded good and worked.

From: Jasper

Jasper's embedded Photo
Jasper's embedded Photo
Not hunting but here’s another idea....

From: Surfbow
Chuck the scapula and get the lid off a 5-gal bucket...

I used to use a caribou scapula. Worked great. Don't know what happened to it in all the moves I have made over the years.

This year I used a friend's moose scapula. He scraped as much as he could off of it and then just let it sit outside in the weather and let nature do it's thing! Came out great. That said, I wish I still had a caribou scapula. Much lighter to carry around.

From: carcus
I just boiled mine with the skull, meat fell right off, I don't use them for hunting but hang them up in the garage, never bleached one, didn't want to wast the peroxide and bleach

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