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Dino 05-Oct-19
Carcajou 05-Oct-19
Pat Lefemine 05-Oct-19
craig@work 05-Oct-19
Grey Ghost 05-Oct-19
Franklin 05-Oct-19
Russell 05-Oct-19
pav 05-Oct-19
Dino 05-Oct-19
Buckhunter 05-Oct-19
JSW 05-Oct-19
From: Dino
Did Day One Camo switch owners?

From: Carcajou
He retired. Closed up shop. Saw the business for sale.

From: Pat Lefemine
Gary was a good guy and his camo was terrific. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. Hard for a mom and pop shop to make a living selling hunting clothes. The market is pretty saturated. Hopefully he’s enjoying his retirement.

From: craig@work
Bummer to hear that. Just bought a buck suede pullover In ASAT that I’m wearing first time today. Best pullover I’ve ever hunted in.


From: Grey Ghost
Sorry to hear Gary packed up shop. I've been wearing one of his micro-fleece pullovers for over 25 years. I love the extra tall collar and built in binos strap.


From: Franklin
I was under the impression someone had already picked up their line???

From: Russell
It looks like the website is still online.

From: pav
I sent a question via the Day One website just this past week. Gary responded via email and I made the purchase online.

From: Dino
His pull over coats r awesome man!!!

From: Buckhunter
I have been wearing his clothes for 20 years. Some of it that old. Top notch clothing. Sorry to see this thread

From: JSW
The woodhide light weight fleece pull over and pants were probably the first quality set of camo I ever purchased. This was in the early 90's and I still have them and they are still in pretty good shape. My brother has a set that I swear you can see through, but he still wears them. Gary made a great product long before top quality camo was a thing. Gary is a great guy who provided a great service for many, many years. Sorry to hear he is giving it up but it has to be a very tough and competitive market. Gary, if you're listening, good luck with your retirement and thanks for all you did to provide a better bowhunting experience. We'll miss you.

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