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Shout out to Badlands Packs
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SlipShot 07-Oct-19
Glunt@work 07-Oct-19
Quinn @work 07-Oct-19
Proline 07-Oct-19
kota-man 07-Oct-19
Cazador 07-Oct-19
Bou'bound 07-Oct-19
cnelk 07-Oct-19
Treefarm 07-Oct-19
walks with a gimp 07-Oct-19
Twinetickler 07-Oct-19
carcus 07-Oct-19
From: SlipShot
After multiple years I had to send my pack in for repairs. I'm guessing that I have had the pack out in the woods for 5 to 6 months sense the last time I had to send it out for repairs. In truth most of the damage done to the pack is not in the woods but getting to woods. Anyways, sent my pack in last Thursday, got a call today that they are replacing my pack. The new one should be here before Wednesday. Say what you want, Badland Packs are great packs and there service is top notch.

From: Glunt@work
I've used the Monster Fanny pack since they came out. I bought a new one from them at a trade show a few years ago but the old one is still fine.

From: Quinn @work
Have an original monster fanny and it's still in perfect condition even with hundreds of hunts. Love Badlands packs!

From: Proline
Agree. I have a monster as well. Broke waist clip buckle and called them. Had a new buckle in my hands a couple days later. Great Customer Service.

From: kota-man
The key is to find a pack that you don’t need to ever send in for warranty work. Badlands has a great warranty on a marginal product. Good on them for continuing their great service though.

From: Cazador
I have a 2200 that has well over 30 elk packed out with it, and it only. That thing has been punished. Looking for a new pack now. May just go 2200 again.

From: Bou'bound
Zipper issues fixed?

From: cnelk
I got tired of sending in my Badland inferno Jacket for zipper repair.

Sure the customer service was good but I tore out their last zipper they replaced and sewed in my own so I could at least use it this year.

From: Treefarm
Anybody have word when Terra Glide will be re-released. I hav a paid order in and waiting for the shipment once the release occurs.

Bow string wax helps the zippers.

From: Twinetickler
I had a Clutch waist band break on me hauling an elk quarter out....that warranty didnt do me a bit a good in a hell hole on a hot day with a broken pack and a bull down. Had a pair of Vortex binos fog up on me on a late season whitetail hunt their warranty didnt mean shiz to me when I couldn't glass the whole hunt. I'm now always nervous of a great warranty. as said above I now try to find stuff that I dont need the warranty on.

From: carcus
Ive owned 2 badlands packs, a superday and a 4300 or 4600 cant remember, both packs worked flawlessly, the main buckle on my tenzing 1250 lumbar pack and i got tired of emailing and ordered a buckle on Amazon, love that pack tho

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