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From: Pat Lefemine
When does the phrase "Don't worry, be happy" ever going to apply to hunting?

We have so much against us right now. Politics, regulations, aging demographics, very weak youth recruitment, and skyrocketing costs for hunting trips.

Sorry to be so gloomy but I just read how the EU is going to ban all trophy hunting imports, CA is trying similar crap, CT nearly made it a felony to own Big 6 + Giraffe, etc. Hunters are now going underground and refusing to share photos on FaceBook and other Social Media platforms because the mob will mobilize to destroy you personally.

Damn - is there any good news for hunters?

From: Franklin
Doesn`t help when we are own worst enemy. We bash and bicker each other over the tiniest of things. It`s very easy to divide a fractured group.

How many hunters have you seen bash another hunter for posting their animals on Facebook....tons. "Too much blood....they should have known better" blah blah blah.

From: TrapperKayak
'Damn - is there any good news for hunters?' Yes, season is open. :)

From: Feedjake
Joe Rogan constantly promotes hunting (especially bowhunting) on the most listened to podcast in existence. That's gotta help.

From: midwest
The "eating organic" trend may help convert some non-hunters to hunters or at least consumers.

Overall, I think the future is bleak for trapping, hunting, and eventually, fishing. Too damn many people living in the concrete jungle with no clue about the natural world that are making decisions that affect those of us with an outdoors lifestyle.

IMO the best thing we can do is to talk about our passion locally, face to face with non hunters. I’ve had good luck persuading non-hunters that what we do is productive and important.

I learned many years ago to avoid “energy zappers” that wish to make you sad like they are. So sad to be sad. Good luck to all and stay positive.

From: yooper89
When you talk passionately about hunting to non-hunters, it seems to help. People can sense your true feeling toward it as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. I've turned a few people around on it. Or, at least, they act like it when I'm around.

From: Russ Koon
Agree with the above post, especially the "Too many damn people.." part.

I see it as pretty much inevitable as we grow in numbers, that we are also becoming more urban and less aware or appreciative of the role of hunters, ranchers and farmers in our food supply.

I'm still amazed at the resistance to the realization that we are an overpopulated planet that has already done great harm to the planet that our children inherit. Seems like a simple truth that should be self-evident to anyone who understands large numbers and a limited resource base.

I don't know when we reached the point of population sustainability on the planet, but I suspect it was during my lifetime. I'm 74, and the population of the world has more than tripled since I was born!

We grew up being told that the future was rosy, that GE and science in general would find ways to feed us and provide limitless electrical power through atomic energy. Turns out , there WERE some limits on the horizon even back then, but it was politically incorrect to speak of them, and such a downer, besides. Better to kick the reality can down the road and let the grandkids worry about it when they had to, the important thing was to mine and drill deeper, fertilize more heavily, and keep that GNP growing!

On the brighter side, there more urban areas all the time, and the rat populations will need to be controlled somehow. Is it too early to push for a season on them, with rubber blunts and 40# max bows?

From: Nick Muche
I am with Charlie on this one. I do my best on a daily basis to explain to non-hunting friends and co-workers the benefits of hunting and those benefits go far beyond a trophy. I share 100's of lbs of meat each year with several different families and anyone else willing/wanting to try it. I take very good care of all harvested meat so that whatever I give them is high quality, in hopes they'll love it and either return for more or at the very least change their view on hunting as a whole. I wish I could do more but at this point in my life I am doing all I can.

From: 12yards
We're all dead in 12 years anyways.

From: 12yards
Honestly, I really fear the next time we have a Dem president and congress. We're hosed when that happens.

From: Spiral Horn
Yes, there are always efforts to shut down hunting and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Agree with part of this being folks losing touch with nature, and much is being driven by folks spreading misinformation wider and faster than ever via social media, etc — like folks mistakenly thinking HSUS is linked to their local animal shelter.

The current state of hunting not all that bad: - American’s today can hunt a wider worldwide variety of species than ever in our history - Some great buys still available = a quality African Plainsgame Hunt is a value buy - Some great short European Hunts that double as great vacation spots - Hunting gear = weapons, optics, rangefinders, blinds/stands and clothes are best ever - There are now Trophy Whitetails all over the USA, even in the suburbs

What We Can Do: - Join and support SCI, NRA, and any active local hunting/archery organization - SCI does more to protect our hunting rights than any other organization, if your a hunter there is no excuse for not joining. And, your local chapter can be a lot of fun. - Our local SCI Chapter sponsors archery workshops for kids, educates teachers about hunting (turned an anti Into an avid Bowhunter) and sponsors the National Archery in Schools Program - Join or increase your membership involvement with the NRA or lose your guns.

From: Bob H in NH
I moved to wyoming, here you are weird I'd ya dont hunt We asked our real estate agent if she hunted. Her answer was very non NH " not Anymore, my husband d does, but I like shooting prairie dogs"

From: Will
Earthy crunchy folks, hipsters, and other health conscious folks are starting to get curious and try hunting as a method of living closer to the land and eating healthier. Women are getting into it.

Hunting can survive if we are open to its changing demographics... we have a shot... but it's not going to look the same in 20yrs.

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