He got my buck
Whitetail Deer
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And I am delighted! I have a beautiful buck in my trail camera pictures . I compared notes with a adjacent landowner and he has been watching the buck too. I was very pleased to hear his brother in law took the deer and even sent pictures. Since I am not hunting it feels great to feel a part of a neighbor's hunt. By the way I had surgery yesterday and I am feeling much better than I have in a long time. I expect I will be able to go to deer camp for part of the November rifle hunt.

Great post! Hope you heal quickly and get to enjoy deer camp. Good luck!!

Good to hear on both sides.

From: greg simon
Very nice to see a guy that can truly appreciate another's success! Good on you, and here's to you healing up quickly!!!

From: T Mac
Enjoying others successes is what it’s all about.

Fantastic! THIS is the kind of stuff that us hunters can be proud of. Good on you sir and prayers for a speedy and FULL recovery!

From: Scoot
What??? You're not bitter, pissed, and full of hate towards the horrible bastage who shot YOUR BUCK? Good for you! I hope you heal up fast and feel better soon.

A stark reminder how I was raised hunting.

Nobody owns the deer, kudos to you!

Go get em during rifle, glad your better.

From: jcurri
That's awesome! Last year I shot a big 10 that my neighbor was after and he had me over for beer and steaks to celebrate. Some good people out there.

From: Boreal
Great post Greenmountain! I'm glad your on the mend.

From: GLP
Enjoyed reading this!!! Hope you heal fast

From: JB
You are a true gentleman! Best of luck in your recovery and future hunts!!

From: GF
That’s an attitude guaranteed to promote rapid healing!

From: bowhunter24
The Man upstairs likes this thread!

From: weekender21
That's great!

From: South Farm
Your enthusiasm over your neighbor's brother inlaw shooting "your" buck leaves me wanting for a shower. YUCK! How can you be so happy? Don't you even, just a little bit, want to put a dead cat in the inconsiderate s.o.b's mailbox? Clearly surgery has altered your hormonal state; you should file a malpractise suit:)

Glad to hear yinz share well. Good health news also.

From: Grubby
I share a ton of buck pics and intel with neighbors, it’s beneficial to me, I’d rather they hold out for a better deer than shooting a bunch of 2 year olds and it’s way more fun to get along with your neighbors than to fight all the time! In full disclosure I don’t get along with everyone in the neighborhood!

From: lewis
Good for you great way to live your life hoping for a great recovery Lewis

I am heartened by all of these positive responses. I had lumber nerve decompression surgery on Monday. I hobbled into the hospital at 6:00 Monday morning and I walked from the wheel chair to the car by 10:30 on Monday in much less pain. I was able to walk a mile on Monday afternoon. The downside is I am limited to lifting ten pounds for some time. I will have to rely on my hunting buddies if I take a deer. I have to say I KNOW they are willing to help. I am a lucky man.

LOL south farm Yes agree that's a great attitude. Neighboring son shot a buck i was after last yr. Initial reaction was negative not going to lie ?? but after that moment passes you have to tip the cap and congrats

From: South Farm
I know, and I agree. Just humoring myself on a rainy day...except for the dead cat comment, I meant that part;)

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