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I'm throwing out a message to show my appreciation to bowsite a fellow bowsiters. This is genuinely an awesome community of great folks. I've personally reached out to different bowsiters about different topics seeking insight and knowledge and I've always received nothing but willingness to share what they know! Thanks to all of you and good luck in all your hunting adventures this year!

From: yooper89
I’ll second this. In fact, just the other day a bowsiter was generous enough to send me a Bino harness he wasn’t using at no cost. It’s truly incredible the guys that frequent this page. A lot of butting heads at times but that’s part of life. My office days would drag if it weren’t for Bowsite.

Right on! WAY more good stuff than bad. Thanks for sending out this reminder. Good luck to all! C

From: cnelk
For sure. A certain Bowsiter went way out of his way this fall to help me pack my bull elk off the mountain.

From: HH
Yes, not to forget Leatherwallers are Solid as well.


From: Ogoki


From: Zim
Agreed, awesome set of folks here

From: Brotsky
If it weren’t for Bowsite I would have booked that whitetail hunt in Connecticut!

From: carcus
I love this place

Work would be so boring.. And i would still be trying to figure out how to make an arrow, cook awesome meals in camp, hunt on my own and skin a deer. Wow, you guys are da Bomb

From: Twinetickler
Bowhunters are for sure a different breed and a brotherhood. If a guy or gal bow hunts I'd go to war with them. Not nearly the drama on this forum as others.

From: t-roy
Tons of great people, information, banter, compassion and good deeds happening on this site every day.

Great thread as over --------> what 20 some years, I have been helped, helped others and learned a Ton!

BowSite Rocks

Good luck, Robb

From: Junior
Agreed! Always learning and making new friends.

From: midwest
Lots of good people! Made lots of life long friends!

From: Deertick
Thanks to a certain guy who helped pack Cnelk’s elk out ... before I arrived in camp. Probably one of the most objective forms of help from a bowsiter ever.

This is a great community of people who are willing to help. I have benefited from so many peoples knowledge on this site when planning my elk hunt this year. Many people reached on my different posts and give me lots of insight and hints. I can't express how thankful I have been to help shorten the learning curve. Although I did not kill on elk on first trip I was successful in finding and seeing elk almost daily, this would not have been possible without input and help of others to help shorten the learning curve. BOWSITE/BOWSITERS are THE BEST!!!

From: Thumper
Did we ever get the reasons why the political part of the community forum got axed? If we did i missed it, and was just wondering..................

Thanks in advance Pat!

From: Jaquomo
Almost all of my best bowhunting friends are Bowsiters. I have learned so much here. A big part of why I attend P&Y conventions is simply for the Bowsite gathering to meet some of you ugly mugs in person, shake your hands, share a beer and stories.

Many thanks to those of you, too many to name, who have willingly shared advice, hunting spots, offers to help. Golden.

From: mattandersen
Ditto on all said guys have meant so much to me over the years and especially regarding Hakon. All of your prayers were felt and appreciated. Great group!

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