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Positives of trophy hunting explained
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Treefarm 09-Oct-19
JSW 09-Oct-19
Buffalo1 09-Oct-19
Treefarm 10-Oct-19
Zebrakiller 10-Oct-19
nmwapiti 10-Oct-19
From: Treefarm

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Having recently witnessed the positives that conservation hunting has had in Africa, I found and article of testimony to US Natural Resources Board about the knee-jerk Cecil Act. It is a very good read and how African countries that allow regulated hunting are increasing animal habitat and animals. This information is something not shared by those who do not understand Africa and the regulated hunting there.

From: JSW
Thanks for sharing that. As hunters, we all need to become as educated as we possibly can on all things conservation. If you can report facts and shoot down emotional arguments you are 10 times more likely to influence the uneducated. The vast majority of Americans simply don't know the truth. They will be swayed by lies if we can't show them proof. This is a very long article but it has more useful content than anything else I've seen lately. Please take the time to read it and take notes for future use.

From: Buffalo1
Get involved in SCI and DSC- they both provide testimony about the positives of hunting and conservation.

From: Treefarm
Buffalo1...+1. I sat next to an older gentleman coming back from J’hsberg and he also emphasized the importance of belonging to SCI or DSC. there is power in numbers and we need to all stick together.

From: Zebrakiller

From: nmwapiti
Facts are good and conservatives almost always have them on their side if they get educated. I am also a believer though, as Ben Shapiro claims, that an emotional argument, which almost all liberal positions are based on, must be fought with an emotional counter. Logic and facts do not deter leftists.

I have emotional counters for most things like socialism, i.e. legalizing theft. Hunting would have to use examples like without our management nature would revert to mass starvation of wildlife populations during droughts and hard winters.

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