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Dwight Schuh's Final Harvest
Mule Deer
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From: midwest

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I copied this link from the CBA fb page. It's the Bowhunter Magazine story of Dwight Schuh's last harvest as documented by his daughter. Left a big lump in my throat. He sure wasn't a quitter.

Thx for posting Midwest... he was not a quitter at all.


From: Buckhunter
Great article!!!!

From: 6x6 bull
How anyone could read that story and not have a tear in their eyes is beyond me!

From: T Mac
That was a great read thanks for sharing. Just get out there and hunt!

From: pav
What a great tribute to a great man!


Everyone of us will travel this path. It will be different for each of us but the end result is the same. Make every day count towards that end!

From: Carcajou
Incredible little tale. If we could all be so lucky. RIP Dwight.

Well that was worth a good cry this morning .. A true ledgend to the sport. RIP!!! Until nest time. Hunt

From: 12yards
Awkward. Sitting in the office with three other guys with tears in my eyes.

From: sticksender
Very nice.....thanks for the link. How fortunate he was to have a daughter like Emily.

Excellent, sad, but excellent!

From: elkmtngear
So glad I get to my office early, before anyone else! I need some time to recover from that. What a beautiful tribute, to a great Man.

RIP, Dwight Schuh

From: elkster
Thanks for posting this. After reading his books and articles for decades, toting a Schuh pack by Coleman Peak one, (which I still use) its meaningful to read an account of his last stand. He inspired me. Its just that simple.

From: 0hndycp
Thanks for posting the link Midwest.....always a good day when you read a great story that moves you to emotion!

From: GF
Let’s see....

Who do I want my kids to see as their idea of a hunting Role Model, Dwight, or Body Builder Boy?

I hope his family will release a collection of his work. Gotta be a substantial market for it, which would help them and all of Bowhunting at the same time.

From: SBH
Excellent read. Thanks for posting that. Good start to the day.

From: APauls
Great read, tear jerker.

I can't get the link to open. Any suggestions as to where I can find the article? I'm alone at work and it's pouring rain, nobody would see my tears if I get to read it today.

From: goelk
thanks for sharing. Great article. Wiping my nose and eyes.

From: Dale06
Thanks for posting. Nice to read about Dwights last “kill.”

From: Brotsky
Great story about a great bowhunter who was a true credit to our sport. Damn dust got in my eyes again.

From: midwest
BOWNBIRD, Maybe your firewall at work? Here's the link...

From: Big John
All I can type is, Wow, through the tears!!! Thanks for sharing and thank you Dwight for the memories!!!

From: Mt. man
Who the heck keeps cutting up onions in my office!!!

From: TrapperKayak
Priceless inspiration for any and all, esp. those who have experienced cancer. If this doesn't move and motivate you, nothing will. Thanks for posting.

From: yooper89
I'm not crying, you're crying!!

From: Jake
I was fortunate to share a camp with Dwight. I remember him as a very quiet man that when he spoke you better listen because it was a time to learn. Very blessed to talk with him indeed.

From: St52v
Great read!!! I found Emily on Social media and thanked her for writing the article. I also sent her a link to this post and she was moved by it.

From: Paul@thefort
Snowing here in Ft. Collins Colorado, the first of the year. Cold out, 23 degrees.

This story warmed my heart, body and soul. Thanks Dwight for the memories. And thank you Emily for "just tagging along". my best, Paul (cancer survivor)

From: Zackman

That was fantastic. RIP sir and thanks again for being a mentor to so many of us!

From: lewis
I had read the story but reading it again on here just gave it more impact she really did a great job I’m sure Dwight is proud Lewis

From: ultraem
Thank you all for the heartfelt, emotional thoughts. I've never seen any negative sentiment posted about my dad since he died. It's pretty incredible. Miss him every moment. ~Emily Schuh B

From: Bowbender
What a great tribute to Dwight's last hunt. Thanks for taking us along....

From: The rookie
Thanks for posting that.

From: Saphead
Thank you Emily! For sharing the hunt.

From: kakiat kid
Just awesome

From: bfisherman11
You can tell a lot about a man when you see his relationship with his kids/family. We all respected and admired the public Dwight but I'd venture a guess that the private Dwight was equally awesome.


From: Ron Niziolek
Thanks Nick for posting that.

From: ultraem
Bfisherman11, he was 1000% consistent. What you saw was how he was, always. When he talked, it was because he had something important to say, and you'd learn something if you listened. He called himself a Crusader for Consistency. I only started hunting with him the last 2 years. I wish I had started sooner. If I ever kill something, I'll write about it. :/

From: mn_archer
I started getting more serious about hunting, especially western mountain hunting after meeting Dwight at a hunt show.

He was a true legend and seemed like a very humble man

From: Old School
Another great story about Dwight. In today’s “me first” society Dwight was sure a breath of fresh air. Genuine, humble and extremely talented. Thanks for the story Emily.


From: Rgiesey
Met Dwight more than thirty years ago when he spoke at our CBA banquet. There’s lots of good bowhunters in the world and Dwight was one of them. Every time I crossed paths with Dwight he treated me like a friend or passed along a hello through my buddy Ron. Amazing quality man! But this article, written by his daughter, a product of his life and I would guess a tremendous source of pride for him, showed me something I hadn’t thought of. A quality I admire most in fellow bowhunters is a never quit approach. Even when it’s time. Dwight lived till he was forced to be done. Thanks Emily, for writing the article and making me think about a great man for a little longer. Yep some blurry vision here.

From: PoudreCanyon
Great story. RIP Dwight!

A perfect tribute from an obviously loving daughter. Thank you so much for taking us along!

From: Glunt@work
When I was a kid trying to figure out how to fill a tag there wasn't many videos and no internet. My Dad was a hunter but not with a bow. Magazines were my source of knowledge and my chance to see folks actually succeed with a bow. I drank in the stories like they were water in the desert. Dwight was always a favorite.

Great story.

Great Bowhunting ambassador...Glad I had the pleasure of meeting him several times! Thanks for posting that Nick...

Truly great read! He was an inspiration to so many!

From: bowhunter24
A couple of my highlights from St. Louis Pope & Young were the autographed hat from Dwight, (he seemed almost embarrassed) and the autograph from Larry D. Jones. Larry was standing close to Curt Wells and Larry thought I was heading to Curt but I wanted Larry's signature first and he was to humble to realize that. Humility is one of my favorite traits in others and I guess as bowhunters we all get a taste of that pie now and then!

From: Boreal
What a fantastic tribute to a great dad, bowhunter and human being! Thank you.

From: Beav
What a great article and tribute! His daughter definitely did him proud with this!! He is my all-time favorite writer.

From: drycreek
I had that marked to read and it somehow slipped under a couple other mags. I found it last night and read it. Dwight leaves a huge hole in the bowhunting print media, one that will not be filled any time IMO. There are other good writers, but most of them don’t make you feel like you would love to hunt with them like Dwight did. “He will be missed” is cliche’, but Dwight Schuh WILL BE MISSED ! R. I. P. Dwight !

He was a great man and bow hunter, wish I could have met him in person.

From: elkstabber
I have so many memories of Dwight's writings because he was such a great teacher. He will be missed.

Awesome tribute to a great man. Thanks for sharing the link Midwest!

From: Ironbow
I got to know Dwight a bit. That article was one of the best I have ever read. Period.

From: Mike Turner
Great story with a twist of irony. May he Rest in Peace. I hope he is shooting arrows everyday.....

From: Hawkeye
Great article and a great man.

RIP Dwight.

From: axle2axle
Very nice Emily! Your dad has always been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing his last buck story with us. Kevin

From: Bucbuster
As a Dad with daughters that hunt, the article was extra special. Dwight was an inspiration to many and a class act.

From: Old School
And another - this one’s a little different, but so good. A great tribute.

From: Scrappy
Just get out there — it’s always worth it.”

From: sticksender
Still a touching story re-reading it three years later.

From: Nomad
Thanks for sharing.

Godspeed Dwight!

From: SteveB
Yep. This.

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