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Freezer burn
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DonVathome 10-Oct-19
yooper89 10-Oct-19
Quinn @work 10-Oct-19
samman 10-Oct-19
elkmtngear 10-Oct-19
RK 10-Oct-19
Surfbow 10-Oct-19
DonVathome 10-Oct-19
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nmwapiti 10-Oct-19
casper 11-Oct-19
Ermine 11-Oct-19
From: DonVathome
Just going through my chest freezer and found a 20# chunk of elk leg from Nov 2018. Outside is freezer burnt. Do you think if i rimmed it the inside would be ok? I am taking a bunch of stuff to a butcher to make sausage and would like to take it but not if it will ruin the sausage. I do not have time to wait.

Basically I am asking if you the meat itself will be good another year. I am sure inside is not freezer burnt (it cant be).

From: yooper89
Out of curiosity, how did you store it? I've not seen any issues with my November elk from last year double-wrapped in butcher paper but have heard horror stories about vac sealing red meat. I would think it'd be fine if you trimmed it down.

From: Quinn @work
It will be fine. Trim the burnt exterior and you'll be good.

From: samman
I have come across vacuum packed meat buried in my freezer with some burn (package got a small hole at some point). I just cut off the burned section & grill it up. Tastes fine to me. Some of it has been several years old.

From: elkmtngear
I've done it many times.

Hell, they've done with Mammoth Meat from the permafrost!

From: RK
I've seen it go both ways

Sometimes you just can't lose that freezer burnt smell. You have to lose that or it will ruin your sausage or ground meat

Good luck

From: Surfbow
Just trim it...

From: DonVathome
Thanks I am sure it is still good and I have made steaks 2 years old before. I was more worried about how long meat truly lasts. From my experience it is significantly more then anything I have ever read. Cow pig elk etc.

From: Ogoki
I have found that f i am going to store meat very long ,I wrap the quarters in Siran Wrap first and then freezer paper. Never had freezer burn this way . The large butcher shop in northern Michigan where I drop my Ontario bears off to be butchered said they like that idea . Easy for them to remove to cut meat. Hope this tip can help someone.

From: Ucsdryder
I just did a roast from 2016! I cut off all the dark meat and it was perfect.

From: carcus
Just trim off the burnt, butcher paper is the best, the only way IMO, im gunna start using it for walleye

From: nmwapiti
Second the saran wrap then freezer paper approach. Keeps the air off the meat like a champ.

From: casper
The trick is don't ever put your game meat in a frost free freezer, buy a regular one you have to defrost once in a while and your meat will last for years. A frost free freezer will shrink a ice cube in a couple months the same goes for your meat it takes the moisture out and is what you call freezer burn.

From: Ermine
Just had some antelope steaks from 2016. They were great! Saran Wrap and freezer paper

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