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Calf Chirp from Bull
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gooshnt 10-Oct-19
Glunt@work 10-Oct-19
Jaquomo 10-Oct-19
ElkNut1 10-Oct-19
SlipShot 10-Oct-19
dirtclod Az. 11-Oct-19
THP 11-Oct-19
TD 12-Oct-19
Ucsdryder 13-Oct-19
Cheesehead Mike 20-Oct-19
Trophyhill 21-Oct-19
Kurt 21-Oct-19
From: gooshnt
Wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen? Had been chasing bugles in AM and they had quieted about 8:30 but knew we were close so told my partner we would sit and call sparingly for an hour or so. Started with a couple soft cow calls then waited 5 minutes. Gave a couple more and could hear an elk steadily approaching. It finally stops about 30 yds out still behind a tree. I can see his nose but can't make out antlers. Then I hear an unmistakable calf chirp further solidifying my thought that this wasn't a bull. Unbeknownst to me my partner could see it was a bull that had stopped his approach because he picked out my partner. Finally the bull (calf) continues toward me and comes around a tree at 7 yds and I go oh S--- because I had not drawn figuring it was a calf. Luckily he continued by and I was able to draw and cow call stop him for an easy shot. Have you ever had a bull chirp like a calf?

From: Glunt@work
Yep, ever heard a cow bugle?

From: Jaquomo
Yep, me too. And I've seen a couple cows bugle. One was wearing a motorcycle jacket, had a severe "Shorty Longback" mullet, and drove a Subaru...

From: ElkNut1
You bet bud! As the rut picks up & bulls are calling or displaying for cows you can hear them cow talk, glunk, pant, grunt, bugle, rake, wheez all in the same displaying action, at times they can really get worked up! Congrats on your bull!


From: SlipShot
all the time. First time I heard it, I was blown away.

From: dirtclod Az.
They are Elk pedaphiles.Ha!,Ha!

From: THP

THP's embedded Photo
Speaking of pedophiles...
THP's embedded Photo
Speaking of pedophiles...
I've had several bulls come in chirping like a lost calf.

From: TD
Had a raghorn come into a cow call once from 300+ yards out, cow chirping in a whiny kind of voice the whole way in, sort of like he was asking permission?....... butched up the shot at about 10 feet but that's a nother story.....

I wonder.... that might be how some rags try to sneak into the herd and make their move on the cows without the bulls knowing..... =D

Come to think of it.... I've seen it at times in humans too......

From: Ucsdryder
Last year I cut off 5 bulls opening weekend. They fed within 20 yards of me. They were mewing nonstop back and forth for 15 minutes.

I've killed 3 bulls that came in mewing like a kitten. One was a 326" 6x6. It's bizarre to see such a big animal sounding so little and timid.

From: Trophyhill
In 2011 I witnessed a herd bull leading the herd thru the timber using "cow sounds". I think that's really when I started gaining an understanding of herd structure and started paying attention to what my eyes and ears were telling me. I knew that day it was all about the "alpha" if I wanted to kill a herd bull.

It was that herd bulls lucky day. He was broadside at 10 yards with his head turned looking back at his cows making those "cow sounds". My arrow struck a piece of his main beam and deflected into the dirt. Prior to that a guy told me there weren't any big bulls in CO. Yeah right ;)

From: Kurt
I stalked in on two 5x5 CO bulls fighting....mewing like cows the whole time. They got a free pass.

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