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Jasper 11-Oct-19
Charlie Rehor 11-Oct-19
wildwilderness 11-Oct-19
Zackman 11-Oct-19
nmwapiti 11-Oct-19
From: Jasper
So I’m retiring from DOD next spring (already retired from the military) and want to start working on my bucket list hunts of which one is going to Kodiak. Looking for advice on the best way to go about this....boat or tent, what time of year, tag info, flight info, must haves gear wise, how to deal with bears, etc., etc. A couple of things about me - I really don’t have any buddies that has the means or dreams to go on a hunt like this so it will likely just be me. That may limit me to a boat hunt or possibly hooking up with someone else who is going. Even though I’m turning 60 next year I’m a fitness fanatic so don’t mind a tough hunt/spartan conditions. Thanks in advance! ~ John

See other Kodiak thread. Steff needs a couple guys for 2021. Based on your situation this may be the best/safest way to go. Kodiak is a tuff place. Good luck! C

Very possible to go solo and very easy to do. If you go solo I would go early - opens Aug 1 but antlers don’t finish for about another week. Bears will be on salmon and deer up higher so less to worry about.

Very easy for an air taxi only three options - Andrew Air, Seahawk, Island. Anyone can put you on deer. Go to the south end, less trees and more deer. This will be velvet bucks with summer coats.

The other more expensive option is a fall boat based hunt. Book with one of the charters and you will meet up with other hunters. These dates will get you into the rut in November and hard horned double throat patch bucks.

From: Zackman
I’m a dummy. And lazy. And soft. That’s why I like boat hunts.

From: nmwapiti
The ridges aren't that high and you're starting at sea level. The climbing isn't as tough as dealing with the vegetation and constant wet. Never had any bear trouble on my 2 trips, both in august. They were busy fishing. I went fly in with Seahawk. Lots of deer.

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