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Idaho Wolf Management
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This episode is really important to me - having elk hunted Idaho since 2001, I've seen some of the greatest elk country completely change. Many of us, myself included love to hunt elk, especially in Idaho. I am not a resident of Idaho, but have enjoyed having it available as a OTC option each fall. Idaho has 80,000+ elk hunters and I'd love for folks to quit trying to change people's minds on wolf "reintroduction" on social platforms and start taking action. This organization is solid and I am hoping to expose what they're doing to preserve the wildlife resources in the state of Idaho. Justin Webb is the executive director, he's also an elk hunting guide, and a wolf trapper. This podcast is free and I am trying to rally hunters in the name of conservation. -FarBeyondDriven

From: RogBow
A lot of good info

From: nmwapiti
Gladly chip in $35 to help. Don't get me started on my feelings about wolves.

From: BullBuster
I’ve been a member for a year. Fun banquets.

From: midwest
Good podcast! Made me want to head west and trap wolves!

How come you can hunt them in the west, but not in the Great Lakes? Never understood that,,,,, by the way, I wish soon

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