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Which Whisker Biscuit
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bighorn 11-Oct-19
HDE 11-Oct-19
PECO 11-Oct-19
wildwilderness 12-Oct-19
DanaC 12-Oct-19
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bighorn 14-Oct-19
From: bighorn
I see there's different whisker biscuits. What's the best one?

From: HDE
The original, or round looking one.

From: PECO
Get the top of the line one.

Not the cheapest, can’t adjust the elevation on it. The mid priced one is the best value

From: DanaC
Which one allows you the best accuracy?

From: greg simon
Accuracy is on you. The “high end” whisker biscuit has better adjustability for fine tuning.

From: x-man
Just make sure it has the brown & black bristles, NOT the all-black.

I still prefer the old original "Carolina" mount system with the slotted aluminum mount and round shaft holding the biscuit. It wasn't micro-adjustable, but it was almost infinitely adjustable. And I could get it right up close to the arrow shelf.

If I was to buy a new one, it would have vertical adjustment.

From: carcus
The new V one looks interesting

From: PECO
Anyone shooting the new V WB?


PAbowhunter1064's embedded Photo
PAbowhunter1064's embedded Photo
The new V-Biscuits look interesting to say the least! I’ll probably try one out on my next bow!

From: Franklin
That is similar to the "360 degree rest" except upside down.

Out of the 3 rests going right now....the full capture, the cable driven dropaway and the limb driven dropaway, the cable driven is the least accurate. A arrow rest needs to support the arrow, that`s where the stability comes from. A cable driven only supports an arrow for about 9-12", where as a limb driven will support an arrow for 18-22".

Still to this day pro target shooters shoot more blade style rests than any other, they support the arrow fully.

From: bighorn
Anyone try the new v biscuits?

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