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FMJ arrows
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Franklin 11-Oct-19
Brotsky 11-Oct-19
fubar racin 11-Oct-19
Ambush 11-Oct-19
YZF-88 12-Oct-19
md5252 12-Oct-19
x-man 12-Oct-19
From: Franklin
There is a local guys selling some archery gear. He has 2 dozen of the older Axis FMJ 400 arrows. Now I`m assuming these are a 400 spine arrow but he says he was shooting these out of a 82 lb bow and the arrows are cut to 29".

Are these older FMJ`s a 400 spine arrow and this guy is mistaken that he used these out of a 82 lb bow?

From: Brotsky
One way or another he was mistaken.

From: fubar racin
He could be shooting 400s from an 82 pound bow, maybe it’s a really old really slow bow and maybe he’s shooting 75 grain points. Or maybe he’s shooting 400 spine arrows from an 82 pound bow and they are just flying really crappy...or maybe both!

From: Ambush
If it says 400 on the shaft then that's what they are. Might want to roll them all across a flat table before handing any money over.

From: YZF-88
Don’t mess with old arrows. Buy new. Not worth the risk. Not even close. An old arrow cost me big time this year when it broke. Hand surgeries are not cheap.

From: md5252
Maybe he’s shooting a recurve or LB

Or he could just have crappy arrow flight because they are too weak and that’s why he’s selling them

From: x-man
Maybe the guy who sold them to him didn't know.

I was in the local box store some years ago buying some wrestling shoes for my son. We stopped in the archery isle to price check items that I was selling in my archery shop and there was a guy there just getting into archery asking the store employee for help picking out arrows. What's the number on the arrows for he asked? "The bigger the number, the heavier the arrow" the store employee said. "if you're shooting 70# or more, you should have the 400's or even the 500's " he said. "those 300's are for kids" he said.

I stopped the guy when the customer left(not buying any arrows thank God), and educated him on spine deflection and showed him the gpi of each. Then explained that Carbon Express didn't use that system and for them, he would have been correct. That kid was so happy I talked to him and couldn't wait to tell his boss that they were wrong. (He probably got fired for telling his boss he was wrong)

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