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EnCroma color blind glasses
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Has anyone purchased a pair of these glasses and did they help you to blood trail game. Also did they help you with the color blindness test on their web site?

I'm interested as well!

From: Ironbow
^^ Same here.

In my 48th season and would really like to see blood like my wife and neighbor can,, I'm helpless to them except to stand where last blood was.. Neighbor hit one and needed help, the wife and him found blood on the side of a soybean pod about the size of half a wooden match stick. It looked black to me and only seen it when it was shown to me.

From: Inshart
A couple years ago we purchased our son a pair for his birthday. He is extremely color blind. They worked great. Couple days later he called and said it was the first time he has ever seen a rainbow - worth every penny. My wife's father is moderately color blind - he tried them and commented that they made the colors much more vivid.

Can't attest to blood trailing tho - he's in the service and hasn't been able to hunt for several years. I'm guessing they would help a bunch. Prior to getting these the reds, browns, greens, oranges, etc.. all looked the same to him. The rainbow colors he talked about were all distinctly clear for the first time ever.

From: Glunt@work
My son has a pair. Definitely improves his performance on the color tests and letting him see nature's colors. No idea on blood trailing. He doesnt wear them often because although they do help, his color blindness doesnt really effect much in day to day life to the point of being an issue.

He's 13 and has trouble keeping track of enough stuff as it is.

I'm interested as well!

From: x-man
My best friend has 3 of his 4 sons that are color blind. Two of his boys (grown men now) saw vast improvement during daylight hours but only limited improvement at night using a flashlight. The third son saw no improvement at all at any time.

I believe you would have to try them for yourself to know if they'll work for you. Perhaps your eye doctor would be able to tell you?

From: Scoot
Yep, they don't work for all types of colorblindness. Not likely to help me much, but I'm going to try them sometime to see for sure.

From: Quailhunter
Okay, let me chime in here. I am red/green colorblind and have a lot of trouble with blue and purple also. I have tried several different ones. I am a teacher and one of my students has a dad that was and she brought his glasses for me to try. They worked. I could pass all of the dot tests wearing them and could not pass any not wearing them. Reds and greens looked totally different. They were just cheap colorblind glasses he got on ebay.

I tried enchroma-2 different pair. They did nothing for me. I ended up finding some that worked for me. Search "pilestone." Their GM-2 glasses worked for me and I have had probably four or five students who have tried my glasses and they work for them as well. If you email them and explain what you are deficient in, they can probably point you in the right direction.

They are not all equal. You have to find a lens that filters for what you see. My suggestion would be to try some out from somewhere that has free returns. When you find some for you, you'll know it. The world looks way different for people with normal color vision. I can only wear mine for awhile. It's almost too stimulating. I do like trying them out at certain times like during the fall.

I'll look into it Quailhunter, thanks!

From: Sal
I am red green colorblind and the glasses worked for me. At first I didn't think they worked till I seen pink on a plate and how much brighter it looked. As for blood trailing with them not so much. It was in a wooded area tho and the glasses need the sunlight to work I belive. I can look at a red object in my house and the color doesn't change but the moment I put it in direct sunlight the color pops. If your buying them to for blood trailing I would say save your money because they are expensive.

Thanks Sal. I'm looking at this app for smart phones that is free and I downloaded it, just need to figure out how to run it. It's called Color Blind Pal.

From: Fuzzy
yes I have and yes they do

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