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Lighted nock question
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From: LINK
I’m wanting to get lighted nocks for my daughters Beman ICS whiteouts that list a ID of .244. Some nocks say they work with .244 some say .246 and some say they fit both. Will .246 work in a .244 ID? Also I see some lighted nocks for $10/6 nocks on amazon, anyone tried them? I’m sure they are cheap Chinese junk but I’m sure the name brand stuff is as well.

From: Schmitty78
I’m not sure about the size, but be careful buying cheap knocks! I bought some made by Victory and they are horrible!! By the time I got to my stand opening morning all 6 of them were on and I couldn’t get half of them to turn off at all. They’re too sensitive and every movement or stick you brush will turn them on

That's funny! I guided a guy last year and had him set up one evening with an interested bull moving in. Looked over to see all these flashing colored lights! When it was all over and dark I asked him if he was decorating a xmas tree! He had the strobe kind and said he just bent over and the whole quiver full all went off and he didn't know how to to shut them off! His partner and I had a good chuckle! Oh, and that was no bull!!!

I use Lumenock Signature nocks in my Beman ICS arrows, and they fit perfectly. I’ve never had an issue with them, and they’ve performed flawlessly for me. You can get a 3 pack for $26 on Amazon and they’re made here in the USA. I wouldn’t chance a cheap Chinese knockoff, especially if it’s your daughter shooting them. Good luck and hope this helps!

From: Buglmin
If you're having issues with an lighted nock, you don't have a good fit to the shaft. Square the nock end with a squaring tool and you'll be surprised how good they work. That's why I always cut at least 5/8" off the nock end. Luminock has a chart that tells you what size fits what arrow. I use Glory nocks, have for the past two years and have no issues. I use the Victory lighted nocks on my VAP's and like em.

From: Dusktildawn
Shoot Easton Axis Arrows and Nocturnal have worked great for the last decade. Several colors to choose from and you can find them on sale for $20 for 3 pack. Easy to turn off and never had one not light upon being fired. Wouldn't recommend "cheapies" with the cost of arrows and your choice of tips!

I always like Lumenocs,,, switched to Axis arrows, and the Nocturnals worked great,,, not brain science, both work great

From: LINK
Thanks guys. I wasn’t really considering the cheapies but I was curious since their reviews were better than the name brand ones.

From: bowdude
I bought some "cheepies" to play with several months ago. I think I got 12 for $10 or something like that. They worked like Nocturnals, with an exterior switch that could be turned on or off. The switch could be worked with your finger nail, so in my opinion, a better system than the nocturnal. Worked well enough. Pro's... inexpensive, spun true, have held up well enough and are comparable in weight to the expensive one. Con's... will turn on when loading, but not really a problem, since you are about to shoot them. The batteries don't last long and they aren't as bright. Other than those three con's, they are a good buy. I bought 2 dozen for less than 3 of the big brand names, 12 red and 12 blue. I haven't had them out for a few months so I don't know if the batteries are still good. I will probably use them in the 3-d league for kicks and giggles this winter. For the nay sayers, they are sold under their own name, they are a little different design than the "big boys", so they are not a "counterfeit". Made in China, Korea, Philippines, or somewhere overseas, maybe even Mexico, can't remember for sure. Accuracy was as good as the high dollar nocks. So far, every one I have tried has turned on, so reliability has not been a concern. They have been consistent in weight from one nock to another. Yes... I would recommend them for use.

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