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Rest acting up
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Jasper 17-Oct-19
sundowner 18-Oct-19
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Russell 19-Oct-19
PECO 19-Oct-19
APauls 19-Oct-19
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Jasper 19-Oct-19
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DoinItWrong 20-Nov-20
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Matt 21-Nov-20
Ermine 21-Nov-20
bigdog21 21-Nov-20
carcus 21-Nov-20
Bou'bound 21-Nov-20
From: Jasper
I have a Trophy Ridge Sync MD rest that just started acting up. The arm sometimes drops prematurely. Sometimes it falls on its own, other times when I just pick the bow up or move it. A couple of times I had to raise it into position more than once for it to stay. Is a tension adjustment? Thanks! John

From: sundowner
Get a QAD. Easy to install, adjust, and tune.

From: bigdog21
whisker bisket nothing to fail

From: Russell
I would contact the manufacturer. Don't hesitate to talk directly with the OEM for whatever item you have a question with.

From: PECO

From: APauls
I use a WB. Don’t have the balls for a drop away

From: Bou'bound

From: Ermine
Get a Hamskea. Best rest out there and it will be bombproof for a long time.

I had a rest fail on me and cost me a huge mule deer once. Never again

Get a Hamskea. I've had QAD and Trophy Taker... Hamskea blows the out of the water

From: Geno
Get a Whisker Biscuit, you won't regret it.

From: Whocares
How they ever name it whisker bisquit?? Makes my mind wander. I use a drop away. Seems more appropriate for me. :(

From: Jasper
Talked to Trophy Ridge and they’re sending me a new one. Thanks

From: DanaC
Good to know. Most companies will stand by their products; those that don't won;t be in business for long.

From: bighorn
Had two drop aways Quad, and Trophy Tacker Smackdown, both failed two yrs. in a row. Have a HHA Virtis now considering going to Whisker Biscuit, but which one?

From: DoinItWrong
Mine just started doing this. Did your replacement keep functioning?

From: paul@thefort
I used a WB for years but than added a QAD one year for elk prior to season. After having nightmare's about a malfunctioning mechanical rest I switched back to a WB prior to the opener, nightmare's went away. But then, after reading on Bowsite the many support messages concerning mechanical rests, I replaced the WB with the QAD once again. That was three years ago and I have had no malfunctions to date. Fingers crossed. PS. I carry in my truck archery kit my WB just in case I need a quick repair.

From: Matt
A friend just had a hunt ruined by a QAD failure. Hamskea is my preference.

From: Ermine
I had a rest cost me a big mule deer once. I have since shot Hamskea. Best rest out there

From: bigdog21
WB what can go wrong?

From: carcus
I've have hamskea trinity hunter pro, its good, a little heavy and a little louder, I also have a couple qad hdx's, a great rest, any rest can let you down at any time including a wb. Ive owned them all, my favorite to use and set up is the qad hdx, maybe not the most bomb proof but in all my hunts they haven't let me down

From: Bou'bound
QAD and just be done with it. Life’s too short to fiddle with crappy arrow rests

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