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Guided hunt recommendation
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El Je-bow 18-Oct-19
DanaC 18-Oct-19
Bowboy 18-Oct-19
greg simon 19-Oct-19
Huntcell 19-Oct-19
From: El Je-bow
Looking for some recommendations on a hunt outside of my home state of Colorado. Dates need to be early October to not interfere with CO archery. I don’t have points but would wait a couple years

From: DanaC
What animal? How big?

From: Bowboy
If your looking for elk MT has the latest season.

From: greg simon
What’s your budget? Options are like $, the more you got the more you got!

From: Huntcell
Buy an auction tag some of those you can hunt 365 days. Guides will be in contact with you the second the gavel hits ??SOLD!

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