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'Ike' (Phone) 20-Oct-19
YZF-88 20-Oct-19
Thisismyhandle 20-Oct-19
Bowboy 20-Oct-19
Bou'bound 20-Oct-19
Dino 20-Oct-19
greg simon 20-Oct-19
Franklin 20-Oct-19
Ermine 20-Oct-19
Bow Bullet 20-Oct-19
Whocares 20-Oct-19
Bloodtrail 20-Oct-19
RMhunter 20-Oct-19
spike78 20-Oct-19
Sitting Bull 21-Oct-19
huntinelk 21-Oct-19
Bowfinatic 21-Oct-19
smarba 21-Oct-19
bigswivle 21-Oct-19
IowaHawkeye 21-Oct-19
Dale06 21-Oct-19
yellow eye 21-Oct-19
So467 21-Oct-19
ScottyC 21-Oct-19
Hank_S 22-Oct-19
No Mercy 22-Oct-19
ELKMAN 22-Oct-19
StickFlicker 22-Oct-19
Kaycee 22-Oct-19
GhostBird 22-Oct-19
Matt Palmquist 22-Oct-19
Diesel 22-Oct-19
'Ike' (Phone) 22-Oct-19
rooster 23-Oct-19
Franklin 23-Oct-19
'Ike' (Phone) 23-Oct-19
Ghost425 23-Oct-19
ELKMAN 24-Oct-19
Franklin 24-Oct-19
hogdaddy 24-Oct-19
Flynarrow 27-Oct-19
Bentshaft 27-Oct-19
altitude sick 28-Oct-19
ELKMAN 28-Oct-19
BowKid2001 29-Oct-19
Joe Holden 29-Oct-19
Zim 29-Oct-19
Which bow are you shooting and will you upgrade, depending on 2020 release? I have my Pro Defiant, with no plans to upgrade, unless I find a Carbon Defiant with DFX Cams...I amlooking forward to 2020 releases, even though I can’t even think about drawing my bow...

From: YZF-88
If you have a short draw 26.5”ish, I would really encourage you to shoot anything setup to your exact length before deciding. I just couldn’t get used to that RX3 last year.

2019 powermax. My first bow in over 20 years. I'll be upgrading next year hopefully. Probably the helix with #2 cam unless they come out with a more affordable carbon.

From: Bowboy
I currently have a 2019 Helix. I also have four other Hoyt's. Two carbons and two aluminum. Not sure when I'll buy another one. Looking forward to seeing the 2020 models.

I have both RX1 and RX3. I used RX3 this year but think next year I'm going to hunt with the RX1. I shoot them both well be believe I shoot the RX1 a little better. My RX3 might go up for sale between now and spring.

From: Bou'bound
Carbon defiant. Plan to keep,it awhile

From: Dino
Both my son and I shoot the CD 34 with the DFX #3 cam. It’s an awesome awesome shooting bow. We have killed a lot of game with them...I am intrigued by the rx3 ultra and would like to shoot it! Curious if a new carbon Hoyt will b unveiled this fall.

From: greg simon
2014 Carbon Spyder. No plans to replace it anytime soon. Before that I shot a 2000 Ultra tec. I keep the same bow for a while.

I’m also shooting my Hoyt Buffalo recurve more. Might just switch to that.

From: Franklin
Carbon Defiant need to change.

Nitrum & RX3.... Nothing in between but experimenting with a take down. :)

From: Ermine
I’m shooting a RX3 ultra right now. And don’t plan to upgrade anytime soon

From: Bow Bullet
Shooting a 2011 Maxxis 31 and nope, no plans to upgrade. I'm too cheap. ;)

From: Whocares
Hoyt RX 1 Ultra. May be my last bow.

From: Bloodtrail
Carbon Spyder Turbo. Don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon. This bow shoots absolute darts.

From: RMhunter
2018 powermax and still happy with it

From: spike78
Overpriced and no weight difference with the carbons meh.

From: Sitting Bull
Loving my Helix which I upgraded to this year from the Hoyt Charger back in 2012. Will probably be another 5 years before I upgrade again.

From: huntinelk
2017 CD 34, plan on keeping it for a few more years at least. Just bought a lightly used D 34 as a back up bow, just incase something should happen to the CD 34.

I am shooting the RX1. No plans to upgrade but always look forward to shooting the new line

From: smarba
Carbon Matrix. It takes all the abuse I can dish out dragging it through the outdoors and animals keep dying...

From: bigswivle
Carbon Defiant turbo here, don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

From: IowaHawkeye
RX1 Ultra. Love it. No plans to upgrade... yet

From: Dale06
I have shot two Hoyt Faktor identical bows since 2013. They performed very well. Was thinking of seeing what 2020 brought and likely would upgrade to the latest. But went in local pro shop and they had the 2019 Helix Ultra discounted quite a bit, so I bought it and sold one of my Faktors. Will keep the other Faktor as a back up.

From: yellow eye
I am shooting the Power Max that I got in 2017 or the year before for a back-up to my recurve. Shooting it off and on and really got me back to shooting wheels and having fun with it. This year I messed my arm up and have not been shooting the recurve because of it, dam glade I had this back-up bow. Now even been thinking of upgrading to a new hoyt but there is the cost. But if will last me for some I don't know 5 years plus maybe. But the bow shoots great.

From: So467
Still using my Matrix. This is the longest I have ever owned a bow. Will definitely shoot the new bows. November 7, cannot get here fast enough.

From: ScottyC
Carbon Defiant and my Nitrum. No reason to change. They are still as good or better than the new ones!!

From: Hank_S
Nitrum plans to change.

From: No Mercy
RX3-have to shoot the new ones to see about upgrading.

Upgraded to the new Reckoning... ;-)

From: StickFlicker
It took a lot to get me to give up shooting my Carbon Matrix, but I finally switched to the RX-3 Ultra this year and love it. My only complaint is the weight, which is noticeably heavier than the Matrix. I have no plans to change for the foreseeable future.

From: Kaycee
2018 Hyper Force, ok bow very solid back wall.

From: GhostBird
Another Nitrum 34 with no changes planned.

RX 3 ultra for me right now and shooting better than I have in a lot of years. Also went to a slightly heavier arrow set up as well so not sure that didn't factor in.

That said, I am a hoyt junkie and am excited to see what the new bows offer!!


From: Diesel
RX3 Ultra and I will be sticking with this for the foreseeable future. I shoot this bow extremely well and I love the way it feels. I tend to keep my bows for several years and feel very good about buying this one.

By the way, I’m looking for a Carbon Defiant 31...Lefty 60# Max with #3 Cam to be specific! Lol...So if you happen to have one laying around, be a great time to get rid of it and make space for a 2020...


From: rooster
I'm still shooting my 2012 Vector 32. It still drives tacks for me out to 70 yards. I'll probably upgrade next year or the year after as a retirement gift to myself. Like Matt above, the wife and I are Hoyt junkies.

From: Franklin
There is a guy near me with a Spyder Turbo with 70 lb limbs that wants to trade for a 60 lber….he didn`t check the weight before buying. He is also selling if interested.

Sorry Ike it`s a right hand.

Lol...Carbon Defiant or bust!

From: Ghost425
I’m still shooting Carbon Spyder Turbo. Hard to justify a change. when the one I have works just fine

If you have one of the older Hoyts I would keep it if you want to keep shooting Hoyt. But who knows this year may be the year they pull their head out...?

From: Franklin
Hell, I`m tempted to crack out my round wheel Pro Hunter....60-80lbs shooting 31" 2317 and a 150 gr BH with fingers.... was a absolute killer. It didn`t matter what you hit it was dead.

My favorite bow of all time.

From: hogdaddy
2012 vector turbo 2012 carbon matrix 2013 carbon matrix G3 no I'm good.

From: Flynarrow
Another Carbon Spyder Turbo shooter. Bow shoots great, can't justify the cost of a new bow. Would rather spend the money on hunt trips.

From: Bentshaft
I love shooting my ancient X-Tec. Kiled tonnes of game with it. Haven't tuned it in years and still groups awesome with fixed blade broadheads and fieldpoints out to 50 yards (fly to the same spot both) This bow is a tank. Shot the RX3 Redwrks the other day it was all right, but it didn't convince me to change, even though the price was right.

Hopefully they can find room to squeeze in some more rubber sex toys. They don’t have every square inch covered yet. :^)

Just poking a little fun. I like Hoyts just fine.

As far as the rubber sex toys go... They learned from the best. ;-)

From: BowKid2001
I shoot the RX-1 ultra and absolutely love it, never ran into any problems, flawless tune-ability, smooth draw cycle, incredibility balanced, very little vibration even without stabs, granted it's not the lightest carbon bow on the market, its light enough for me. In my opinion, the RX-3 couldn't top it. If i were to switch it'd be to the helix or the ct5 from prime.

From: Joe Holden
Spyder Turbo here, aluminum riser. Going to be with me for the foreseeable future.

From: Zim
Hoyt Carbon Defiant. I won’t be buying the new Hoyt, mine already shoots beyond my capability. I’ve been happy with it but want to try other brands. I also have a Bowtech RPM 360. I would like to try Matthews next.

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