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Just a vid of deer walking by
Whitetail Deer
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Scrappy 23-Oct-19
Bou'bound 23-Oct-19
Dave B 23-Oct-19
Two Feathers 23-Oct-19
greg simon 23-Oct-19
drycreek 23-Oct-19
GF 23-Oct-19
Whocares 23-Oct-19
stick n string 24-Oct-19
Scrappy 24-Oct-19
TSJ 24-Oct-19
Pyrannah 24-Oct-19
drycreek 24-Oct-19
bentshaft 25-Oct-19
Busta'Ribs 25-Oct-19
From: Scrappy

Scrappy's Link
When I determine that a deer is not a shooter I try to take a short video of it with my phone. This is a very low quality vid, so be warned. This video is from 2016. Just reliving the past since I'm stuck at work.

From: Bou'bound
good call.

From: Dave B
There was a tall 8 with good brows at the end that I may have sent an arrow through

From: Two Feathers
Enjoyed it!

From: greg simon
If that does not make you want to go deer hunting then check for a pulse!!!

Now I really won't get any work done today! Awesome video Scrappy, thanks for posting!!!

From: drycreek
That’s a nice parade Scrappy, but, (always a but), I would have tried my best to kill a couple of those bucks and every damn one of those coyotes. But judging by the number of does there at the last, you might need them for population control.......

From: GF
That’s amazing that you can let them all walk. That first big one was a Hoss; way bigger than I’ve ever had come past me on a hunt.

Good for you for having the restraint to let them walk. And thank your lucky, lucky stars.

Thanks for sharing ;)

From: Whocares
What the hell !!

Cool video, thanks for sharing. I'd have fun just watching the deer and shooting the coyotes!

Man. I wont see that many bucks that caliber in my life of hunting. Lol. Lucky man Scrappy! Enjoy it!

From: Scrappy
Stick n string that's why I moved to iowa. I got tired of the lousy deer hunting in east Texas so the wife and I moved here in 2007.

From: TSJ
4 more days of work for me, then I’m off to Iowa

From: Pyrannah
Nice video

From: drycreek

drycreek's embedded Photo
drycreek's embedded Photo
Ain’t no deer in East Texas :-)

From: bentshaft
Nice, thanks for sharing.

From: Busta'Ribs
So much better than another dipshit yellin BBD! Great job showing some real hunting footage. Just in time to get the pump primed!

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