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Hunter killed by deer
Whitetail Deer
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IdyllwildArcher's Link

From: Bou'bound
reader comments at end of article are interesting

From: Scrappy

From: fubar racin
Comments are as I would expect sadly

From: SmokedTrout
I've seen this story on Fox, CNN, etc today. None of them say if anyone actually harvested the deer... That murderer may still be running around loose!


From: Zim
I agree with JTV, everything I’ve read states its inconclusive what killed him. Was it like an antler to the heart, or a heart attack from over exertion? Tragic outcome either way, but this news story title could be a little click bait’ish....

" they may not even do an autopsy (??) ..."

Pretty much every state has laws that require an autopsy whenever someone dies alone or is mortally wounded while alone.

From: greg simon
Saw this on the local news this morning. We’ve got some awful dangerous deer evidently!

From: dirtclod Az.
Musta' hooked him right in the Cajones, gonna leave a mark...

From: RogBow
All the commenters must be vegan.

From: RK
They will do an autopsy. Even arkansas has those laws

From: billygoat
I was rushed by a buck I wounded in 93. Frontal shot at about 8' and closing to finish him. Fight or flight, and flight was no longer an option for him.

From: Franklin
Idyll.....SCOTUS Justice Scalia didn`t have an autopsy and he died alone....seemed very fishy to me.

I believe the deer didn`t "kill" him....I think he even called his wife or something similar. If you "die" in an ambulance you will not be transferred to a helicopter. They will work on you in the ambulance.....some won`t even drive during a resuscitation effort.

From: Tonybear61
A neighbor was killed a few years ago by his penned "pet deer." The family had a deer, hobby farm with various types of animals. They would make up a live nativity scene every Christmas. Well, one fall the owner was in a pen caring for the other animals and the buck got him when he wasn't looking. Punctured the femoral artery with a antler tine. Should have known better not to be in the pen during the rut but the animal was pretty docile normally. Hunters know after 3-5 years they can get pretty territorial...

From: Grey Ghost

Oldie but goodie.


From: MT in MO
If one dies alone and there is no evidence of a crime the family can request an autopsy to be done, but the family (or estate of deceased) foots the bill...I know this from first hand experience...Even if a crime is evident an autopsy might not be performed if the family does not want it done...has to do with respect for the family and their wishes...You all need to stop thinking what you see on cop shows is how it really works...

Weird way to die...being killed by a deer. Sorry for him and his family...

If a crime is involved that resulted in death an autopsy will be performed.

From: 3under
Wow, read the replies to the article, amazing how many assholes are happy.. but they will still down to a dinner with done kind of meat.. this country has really gone to shit.

From: Reid
Dad always tells the story of killing a mule deer frontal from 5 yards in a deep creek bed and having the big buck lower his head and come right at him. Had to hold the deer's antlers off with his bow until it died 30 seconds later, etc. It can happen, but rare. A few similar stories above.

From: BowSniper
I always tell my wife it's like the Thunder Dome out there. Two men enter, one man leaves. :-)

From: Inshart
I watched Roger Raglin have to put another round in a nice big muley buck from just a few feet away as the deer got up and came after him as he approached it. Muzzle loader, I think??

From: 1boonr
Industry- too bad that mule deer wasn’t a little faster. Jiminy christmas

From: 1boonr
Inshart- too bad that mule deer wasn’t a little faster. Jiminy christmas

From: TrapperKayak
Its a wonder more people/hunters don't get gored as tough as these animals all are. Esp. bull elk, imagine having one of them pin you and ... Good thing they're scared of us most of the time.

From: Hh76
What difference would an autopsy make? Does it matter if it was a heart attack, or a wound? It's the event that killed him, either way.

Sad, but accidents happen. Good reminder to the rest of us that we need to be careful.

From: Bill in MI
A few days after 9/11 I was archery elk hunting on my 1st self guided DIY elk hunt near Challis ID. A guy from CA that was hunting out of the same campground arrowed a bull late in the afternoon. My hunting partner and I offered to help track and pack. I found the bull after a few hundred yards and in my excitement ran up and grabbed the mortally wounded but not quite dead raghorns rack....that was a fun rodeo for a second. I was young and dumb enough to suggest to the more experienced hunter to get his knife and slit is throat while I held on. He thought I was crazy, imagine that? I let go and we backed out until morning. The bull died 10 yards from the wrestling ring. Lesson learned to poke a stick repeatedly before grabbing the hardware. Vegans and commenters on that story are predictably insensitive and hypocritical assholes.

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