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Matthews – Shout Out
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From: Dirty D
I recently had an experience with Matthews that was too good not to share. Not doing this for any reason except to express my appreciation for a company that stands behind their product.

While on our annual elk hunt I noticed the serving on my cable had worn through. At the time I thought it was rubbing the eccentric lobe on the cam which caused it to wear prematurely (Matthews Drenlin). It was to the point where, one I was embarrassed I had just now noticed but also that I was nervous to be taking too many practice shots. When I got home, I took it down to the shop for a new string and cable. What I discovered (again I’m embarrassed) was that the limb had twisted and was causing the cable to jump out of the track, the edge of the track was cutting into the serving/cable. The last thing I should point out, that again I’m embarrassed to post publicly is that at some point over the summer I had left my bow in the back of the truck enclosed under the topper. Something I’m normally super anal about (leaving my bow in a hot vehicle) but for whatever reason it slipped through the cracks that day. My guess is that’s what caused the premature limb failure. I did notice right before the season I had to adjust my sights, which was odd and unsettling but I attributed it to switching to a smaller diameter arrow shaft, in hindsight I think it was my limb starting to go south.

The shop asked if I was the original owner to which I replied, “um, kinda.” The bow had actually been won at a Duck’s Unlimited auction and my buddy for whatever reason gave it to me. So, It was brand new to me but still under weird circumstances. I hadn’t even considered Matthew’s covering this repair under warranty but when it was all said and done I walked out without paying a dime. I’m quite honestly shocked that they took care of it, I really wouldn’t have expected them to as the bow was 12-years old. It reminded me of the good ole days when Cabelas stood behind their products in this type of situation. Anyway, I’m VERY impressed with this act of customer service and wanted to pass it along.

From: Photohunter
My experience with Mathews is very good also.

From: Pat Lefemine
I personally know and have visited the Mathews plant in Wisconsin. I can tell you in all honesty that a culture of quality, pride and support starts at the top and permeates the entire company. They are an outstanding company and that's why they continue to dominate the bow market.

From: barafu
Bottom limb gets moved to the top so split yoke can stabilize the compromised fork. Unless this swap had already been done, then it's new limb time.

From: Moben
Bought a Q2XL in 2005 and noticed a limb was twisted in 2014. Took it to a shop in IA. Told them I purchased it new in FL and they fixed it at no charge.

From: LINK
I’ve heard from more than one shop owner that Mathews is by far the best to deal with and you can still get parts for 20 year old bows. That kind of service is worth a lot.

I have owned 2 Matthews, and 7 Hoyts. Had splintered limbs on one bow from each of them. Customer service was exactly the same for both-fantastic.

Not really sure what Pat means by "dominate", other than Matthews being a BS sponsor?

From: JohnMC
They probably just want to make sure you're holding a Mathews bow in your next book? ;)-

From: BGbasbhat
My 06 Bowtech Tribute blew a limb a week out of my elk hunt this year. Bowtech sent my shop new limbs within a couple weeks (though too late for my hunt) all under warranty.

Similar to HfW's post, I have no doubt Mathews is great, but, I think most big makers have adopted similar customer service/experience standards....which is great for us!

Not bagging on your post or Mathews (I bought a Vertix for my hunt!), but glad all worked out for you!

They replaced the limbs on my old Conquest and a friends MQ1 at about 15 years old. They both still crank up to 70 with the new limbs. It was kind of a pain in the butt proving to them the old limbs were bad.

From: Dirty D
JohnMC, if they knew about my book i probably would've gotten the shaft!

If I was having beers with guys and they were having this exact same conversation, I would fart as loudly as I could.

From: c5ken
I had a twisted limb on a 6-year-old Chill. Called Mathews & they sent a new set of limbs & axles to a local shop. The bad news is the %$#$%^ shop charged me $50 to replace the limbs. Nonetheless, the customer support from Mathews was excellent. It would be nice if Mathews could send the limbs to me so I could change out the twisted limbs...

From: MT in MO
and hopefully Idyll would have to go home to clean out his pants giving everyone a big laugh...8^)

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