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Pack my bow on family hunt?
Mule Deer
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From: coelker
So in a few weeks I have a 5 day hunt with family planned in CO. My wife and I have saved point for 15 years to get this tag together. We have 2 of 15 total tags. My daughter also has a rifle bull tag and a cow tag. My son is dedicated to camera man for the trip. We have 2 big bucks to find and hopefully a bull in 5 days.

I am really tore because I have always dreamed of hunting big mule deer bucks in the rut with my bow. Originally when we started saving points for this hunt that was my plan, but 15 years ago was 2 years before my daughter was even born.

I have been shooting and want redemption from my failed archery elk hunt, but I feel like the better thing is to hunt with my rifle so that my family does not suffer while make prolonged archery stalks etc.

I am going to pack my bow no matter what, and if we get lucky and kill a bull and deer early I can focus on myself last?

What would you do and why? We have never had a season where my wife, daughter and I all have overlapping tags and all of us can hunt. I really want this hunt to be about family togetherness.

AS such we will be setting up camp the weekend before season starts and staying in the tent from Tuesday night until Sunday night. It will be blast...

Do you think packing my bow is getting to greedy?

By the way I am not shooting a buck unless it is a gnarly non typical or over 180"

From: Brotsky
I've been in this situation many times over the past few years. I always pack my bow, and rarely ever get to use it. I've always felt that it's better to have things and not need them than the reverse. My daughter has a great mule deer tag this weekend. I have an archery tag for the same area. I'll have my bow just in case she tags out early. Focus on their hunt and make some memories, the bow will be in the truck if the opportunity presents. Good luck!

From: Rocky D
Pack bow and focus them and if it works out grab the bow.

I have learned over the years to not plan limited/high point hunts with family or friends. There are usually plenty of opportunities for family time on OTC or “easy” tags or I plan to help out the family members on their limited/draw tags and not use my points at the same time. Of course that is beside the point now since you can’t turn your tags back now. But some NR points could have been handy in the future to split things up.

For a 5 day (4th season?) tag that is a lot to try to accomplish. Only way is to prioritize. Who’s tag is most important then do what it takes for that. Do you care if you end up with tag soup on your tag? Does your wife/daughter really care if they kill? Trophy size? Or is it just as important that they are there? I see it a lot where its more important to the husband/father than the dependent kills a trophy then the new hunter actually cares. packing a bow in the field is a pain to me while trying to help another hunter. Then again You guys may get lucky ..

From: JohnMC
Have your wife carry her rifle you carry your bow. If you see a buck you all want to shoot she is first shooter unless in bow range. After she kills her deer you can re evaluate if you want to hunt with bow or rifle. Personally I would rather kill a 145'' deer with by bow than 180'' with a rifle. You got to decides what floats your boat. A good 4th rifle tag should be a lot of fun.

From: TrapperKayak
Family comes first, it they tag out, go for it with bow.

From: fubar racin
Only you can answer that question for yourself if a rifle killed buck would tarnish the experience for you pack the bow but make sure to not tarnish the experience for your family at the same time ie give them first right of refusal.

From: Glunt@work
I'm in a similar boat with a 13 year old son. I pack my bow when we go but I'm really just guiding him. He usually decides to sleep in eventually so that's a good chance for me to hunt.

Did you say your "failed" elk hunt? Looked like a darn good time to me :^)

Have good hunt!

From: RogBow
Maybe bring the bow in case but understanding family would be priority.

From: SBH
Good advice above. Don't leave your bow at home. Take care of your people first. You'll get more outta that anyways. Once they all tag out if everyone is still have n fun...pick up the sharp pointed object and go for a walk!

I would not worry about the daughters elk tag. There will be many chances for elk in WY, plus she is just starting out, and is it an OTC (2,3rd season) elk unit? 15 points for a deer tag is a lot, you need to get a good deer! I would prioritize finding a big buck #1. Set your wife up to kill it. Then you go hunting. Have your wife stick with your daughter and if you find a big buck you go kill it with the cameraman. If you happen on a bull elk take your daughter.

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