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Doe grunt?
Whitetail Deer
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Scoot 30-Oct-19
Cobie33 30-Oct-19
wioutdoors74 30-Oct-19
APauls 30-Oct-19
bentshaft 30-Oct-19
Scoot 30-Oct-19
Keith 30-Oct-19
jrstegner 30-Oct-19
BullBuster 30-Oct-19
Brian M. 30-Oct-19
Bloodtrail 30-Oct-19
HH 30-Oct-19
From: Scoot
Last night I had some does and fawns coming my way. I heard a very clear grunt. I could see a doe coming from that direction and assumed a buck was following her. However she looked my way and grunted again. Clearly it was the doe that made that noise. Twice I heard her do it later. It was definitely not a bleat, it was a grunt as plain as the noise that comes out of my grunt tube. I'm sure I've heard over a 1000 grunts and bleats in my life and I have no confusion between the 2 sounds.

Also this doe had a fawn with her. I got a very good look at the top of her head and also her under carriage when she went past me. It was a doe.

I'm sure there will be jokes about how this dear identifies, but has anyone heard a doe make a clear grunt? Over 35 years of hunting whitetails and this was a first for me.

From: Cobie33
I have witnessed does doing this several times. I think the first time was about 1994 in SE Iowa. I was confused, too, at first. Could hear grunting down the trail and it was a lone doe stopping to grunt every 15 yards or so. She passed by at 10 yards. Have seen it several times since, whether alone, with fawns or in a group.

From: wioutdoors74
Yup, doe grunt. I've only witnessed it a few times, and it was when they were with young deer (possibly her fawns). It seems to be more of a "hey, quit messing around and pay's time to move" call than a dominance thing.

From: APauls
Yep every year. Does grunt, cows bugle. It's 2019 ;)

From: bentshaft

From: Scoot
Adam, you mean you've heard a doe grunt every year? WTH? This is my 36th year of bowhunting whitetails and I've never experienced it. I hadn't actually heard a snort wheeze firsthand until this year either though...

From: Keith
She's a long time smoker.

From: jrstegner
I hear them grunt every year too. They are trying to locate their fawn. Deer are far more vocal than most people realize. Fawns also grunt, the volume is a lot lower than a bucks tending, or trailing grunt. On a calm day i would have to be within 30 yards to hear a doe grunt.

From: BullBuster
I also hear does grunt for their fawns every year. Clearly not as guttural as a buck but similar. Of course I have deer hanging out 20-30 yards from my porch eating fallen apples so I’m right with them a lot.

From: Brian M.
One time that I can recall, thought it was a buck, the grunt was so loud. No fawn with her that I saw. I shot at that doe and my arrow hit a branch almost before the fletching cleared the riser. Arrow hit the ground a foot or so in front of her. Stopped her from grunting, anyway.

From: Bloodtrail
I’ve heard lots of does grunt. And my son just got one on video grunting in TN. He texted me a video he took and You can hear her clear as day grunt. However, I have never ever ever ever ever heard them least never like The Can Call. Ever. And I’ve never called in a buck with that call. But I have grunted in lots of bucks.

From: HH
More than bucks!

Whitetail Doe vocalize all the time and are prolly more agressive over then span of a year than any buck.

Never use a buck grunt ever! I have made or modified grunts to sound like doe i hear. Just a reed change.

Very lite grunts and learn to emphasize what the grunt is saying by how its delivered. Not hard once you’ve heard enough.


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