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Wyoming Preference Point Question?
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KC9 31-Oct-19
KHNC 31-Oct-19
SBH 31-Oct-19
cnelk 31-Oct-19
elkmtngear 31-Oct-19
Brotsky 31-Oct-19
grossklw 31-Oct-19
From: KC9
If I get a preference point this year. It states if you don't buy another after two years you lose it. Does this hold true if I apply for Limited tag(and don't draw) but don't purchase another preference point in the draw? My question may be a little confusing. But my thought process is: Get the point, which I know would guarantee me in the draw I'm applying for. I may or may not want to draw this coming year, or the year after, but eventually I will. Saves me from planning this early I guess.

From: KHNC
In Wyoming , you do not get a point if you do not draw in the regular drawing. You must buy it. So, i would think you must buy the point to keep them.

From: SBH
Its $50 right? Cheap insurance to guarantee you get the tag when you want it.

From: cnelk
You dont need PPs in Wyoming to enter the Random Draw exclusively - not good odds, but....

From: elkmtngear
I lost Antelope points, because I didn't pick one up one after a couple years. If you don't keep increasing the point balance, they'll wipe 'em out.

From: Brotsky
Not good odds in the WY random but they are about as good as a lot of the draws in NM!

From: grossklw
Yup you must buy it, agree with everyone above, it's cheap insurance, you can't get years or points back; 50$'s well spent. If nothing else you could always "share" your points with a buddy or two.

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