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Whitetail Deer
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8point 03-Nov-19
craigmcalvey 03-Nov-19
Reid 03-Nov-19
Woods Walker 03-Nov-19
GF 03-Nov-19
Franklin 03-Nov-19
From: 8point

8point's embedded Photo
8point's embedded Photo
So this yearling is a resident on my property, and I've never seen antlers configured like this. Do you think these are brow tines, or what should be his G-2s and no brows? Also look at the mass, much greater than any of the other yearlings I've got on camera.

From: craigmcalvey
At the risk of being “that guy”, it looks like small 1.5 year old 6pt with the typical spindly rack. The mass you refer to is just optical illusion due the deer being close to the camera. My guess is those antlers are maybe 2” circumference. I think brows appear more prominent due to the angle of photo. Just my 2 cents.


From: Reid
Brow Tines

From: Woods Walker
Brow tines X2. Racks like that on young bucks are quite common here in Illinois. And the best part is that our Governor hasn't found a way to tax them.......YET!!! ;-)

From: GF
He’s just long-nosing himself to look bigger....

Poser Deer.

From: Franklin
Kind of looks like the rack that was on the "Watch for Deer" sign in Illinois with the rack backwards before they changed it.

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