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What are you guys running for arrow setups? Looking to get into a heavier overall shaft after the season. Looking at the axis with hiit inserts with possible 50-75gr brass. Whitetail and turkey,

From: Jpayne
Gt hunter XT 300s (9.3gpi) 100gr head and 50gr FACT weight that srew into the back of the insert. Total arrow weight is 480. Hope this helps, I'm a fan of a little extra weight upfront. -Jeff

From: elkstabber
If you're only hunting whitetails and turkeys then you won't need a heavy arrow like the guys that are going for elk, moose, etc. The benefits of a heavier arrow are that it will generally make less bow noise and should give better penetration. When I set up my elk/deer arrow it came down to deciding between the Axis with 50 grain insert (total 520 grains) or the Victory RIP with 75 grain HIT insert (total 490 grains). I chose the Victory because the bare shaft tuning showed them to be more consistent and accurate.

Note that if you're going to take the time to tune, shoot bare shafts, and fletch your own then you can buy single shafts from Lancaster Archery Supply. This really helps try different shafts.

From: Lee
Elks tabbed is spot on - Lancaster is great for trying different shafts without breaking the bank!

I’m shooting Black Eagle deep impact shafts, 4 fletch helical with a 175 Gr. VPA and a 100 gr. outsert begins it. 575 total grains. Hits HARD and is very quiet and accurate.


Used to shoot the vap v1. N yes I do my own fletching. Thanks for info. After season I’m going to get it situated

From: Rocky D
Gold Tip Pierce here

From: badguybuster
Black Eagle 250s with 100 grain inserts and 100 grain Ramcat Hydroshocks, 32" shaft. For a total of 530 (with lighted nock and fletchings)


BOWNUT's embedded Photo
BOWNUT's embedded Photo
That's the same set up I use for my 50# recurve and longbow with 125gn head 31". Complete passthrough and stuck in the ground on a doe with my longbow last year. Just over 500 gn.

Looking more for compound bow setup

From: fubar racin
Day 6 300 spine with 50 grain outsert 29 inches 4 fletch 532 grains from a #73 elite energy 35.

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