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Best shot placement for big birds
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badbull 04-Nov-19
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From: badbull
What is your recommended ideal aim spot and favorite broadhead for geese or turkey? I am curious what you pros like Paul at the Fort and Brotsky can recommend for us. Also,what minimum how weight recommended for young hunters to get adequate penetration. Thanks for any insight as I am taking my son and grandkids on their first bowhunt for these species this coming weekend..........Bob

From: midwest
Straight up the leg...middle of the middle at all angles and a big mech for me. I've only ever lost one turkey (knock on wood) and that was before I learned where to aim. Never used the head choppers but plenty of guys are very successful using them.

From: drycreek
Don’t ask me, I let one run off earlier this year with a Spitfire buried up in him. :-(

From: JohnMC
Big mechanical

I like to shoot a turkey facing head on just above the beard. I have killed a lot of turkeys with a bow and been around a lot more. I am firm believer head on is a higher percentage shot that broadside. Also remember the vitals are high on birds. The old adage “Hit em high watch them die - hit em low watch them go”

From: Grey Ghost
I always aim for the butt of the wing on a broadside shot, the base of the neck on a frontal, and the Texas heart on a rearward shot.

As for broadheads, I don't think it matters much. I usually use a fixed-blade that has been dulled from target shooting, or from previous use on deer or elk.


From: Dyjack
Taking hips and wings out seems to be a safe option if you're hunting them somewhere that they could glide away dead.

Dead middle of bird is best advise you can get, regardless of broadhead if you hit middle they are done. I am partial to expandable though!

From: Glunt@work
I'll defer to Paul on geese but I shoot turkeys in the middle. Simple and effective.

From: Brotsky

Brotsky's embedded Photo
Brotsky's embedded Photo

Brotsky's Link
I learned everything I know from my buddies Joe Bowhunter and TrkySlr. They kill more turkeys than Butterball. Take a look at my link, that thread has everything you need to know.

As far as poundage is concerned, my better half has the lightest bow in our house at 35#. She has no problem blowing right through turkeys and kills plenty using the shot placements outlined by Joe in the linked thread. She shoots a RAD Madman 4 blade LPS at 100 gr, around 360 gr total arrow weight.

Good luck on your hunt! Nothing beats time in the blind with family!

From: Jaquomo
Right in the neck with a Bullhead. They NEVER run off..

From: smarba
I'm with Jaq: I switched to Bullhead half dozen years ago and they are the way to go. No tracking, no chasing, no hassle. Just dead bird right now.

From: badbull
Thank you guys for all the great advice from the experts. I will pass it along to my crew. I have some turkey experience but nothing like you guys and no bow goose experience. My job is to put them on some birds and hope that they can carry out your advice. No matter what the outcome, I know they will have a blast.........Bob


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Is this legal to hunt these birds?

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