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Norseman 06-Nov-19
BIG BEAR 06-Nov-19
Swampbuck 07-Nov-19
Tonybear61 10-Nov-19
Shug 11-Nov-19
From: Norseman

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Great photos. I think I might get a Browning trail cam.

Very cool picture of the wood ducks too. I’m not a duck hunter..... and I had no idea that wood ducks land in trees until I saw it for myself when we had two pairs of them on our pond in the spring at our new house.

From: Swampbuck
Saw a deer swimming in the middle of the Vineyard Sound heading toward the mainland. Must’ve been coming from Martha’s. That’s close to a 4 mile swim

From: Tonybear61
I hunt near creaks and rives a lot. Took some good pics this year. In talking to an Old Timer he told me about the biggest buck he'd ever seen walking straight up and down the river since he was way too wide to be traveling the trails full of brush and obstructions. So don't be too worried about setting up close to moving water..

From: Shug

Shug's embedded Photo
Shug's embedded Photo
Kansas river bottoms this spring,,

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