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Best Treestand Jacket?
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Ty 07-Nov-19
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md5252 08-Nov-19
From: Ty
Anyone have any suggestions for a great jacket for the tree stand? I want something with a lot of pockets (min 4). I would want to be comfortable in 25-50 degree weather and would want wind stopper. Know of any?

From: greg simon
If it’s in your budget Sitka makes some good ones. If I could only have one it would be the Sitka Stratus jacket.

From: Hawkeye
+1 on the Sitka Stratus!

From: Ty
They just never seem to have enough pockets

From: DanaC
Carry a day pack. Pockets, beyond hand warmers, are a pain.

From: Russell
Suggest looking at Day One Camo. For the temps you're talking about, you need layers more than just the jacket.

I have the jacket and vest in ASAT fleece with wind stopper. The jacket has five pockets and you can add a back pouch.

From: jdbbowhunter
Ill second Day One Camo. Have two of there products , very well made and good for my stand sits.

From: M.Pauls
Sitka stratus. I just want pockets for the things I need in a flash on a hunt. Rangefinder if you use one, and my finger tab basically. Other basics go into my pants pockets where they’re not as “in the way” For everything else, there’s a fanny pack. I typically have a pack because I hang and hunt.

Round here, I’m in my fanatic though from late oct until the end of the season

Sitka fanatic is a warm functional jacket for a tree stand. I use it all fall once temps drop below 50 and layer under it to below zero.

From: md5252
Sitka not have enough pockets!?

Never heard that complaint before about Sitka. Great design and layout

From: Dino
Fleece, wind liner Day One Pull over.

From: longspeak74
I actually use a Columbia down coat with a windstopper fleece over top. Good, solid base layer underneath everything.

From: Scrappy
I can see it now, the all new, all in one tree stand Jacket with built in day pack from sitka. If you have to ask how much such a vital piece of gear costs, then you can't afford it. A truly revolutionary piece, preorder yours today by going online and filling out the credit app to see if you qualify.

From: Scoot
I used to laugh at how much people spent on a fanatic. After talking to someone who had it and loved it and gave me all the reasons why, I bought one at a "good price". It's now my favorite piece of deer hunting gear I own.

From: Michael
The only thing that goes into my jacket pocket is a rangefinder. I can’t stand stuff in them when trying to shoot my bow.

With that said I have a stratus and a fanatic as well as the Celsius. The stratus with a Celsius under it has worked pretty dang good with temps down to the mid 20’s.

From: JohnMC
Pockets is where I find a lot of stuff I lost the year before.

From: Keith
With Sitka, you don't need pockets, as you won't have anything to put in them.

From: RogBow

From: md5252
Fanatic. Jetstream for early season

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