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bad compound bow string.
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From: ihookem
I was told i need a new bow string and it looks bad. Does a bad string shoot arrows irratically, or make the bow loud? I noticed that I can hear the string while I am pulling back, and no it is not my old bones. What are the characteristics of a bad bow string besides it getting fuzzy?

From: drycreek
Uh.....breaking ? Lots of pressure on that string !

From: fubar racin
If it’s fuzzy replace it before it bites ya buddy Iv seen holes requiring lots of stitches from a bow blowing up.

From: Ambush
Do you ever wax it?

My guess is other then the obvious statement of “hearing” it, is every year on string and every two on cables if you are shooting and pounding the ground hunting a lot. I’ve had way too many let go mid season pushing it beyond that.

But, if I was hearing it, I’d put that thing somewhere safe, handle it with extreme caution and get it to someone who could put a string on it.

From: Bou'bound
It’s a time bomb. Fix it or wear protective gear head to toe when drawing. This includes a helmet with total face protection.

From: c5ken
I replace my string/cables at two years old no matter if they look new. Had a three-year-old string break at full draw. The scar on my wrist is a good reminder to replace strings. I tape a small note on the riser with the date the string was replaced so I know when its time to replace.... I know a guy who lost an eye when his string broke & the peep came back & hit him in the eye. String/cable replacement is cheap insurance...

From: carcus
Lots of good bowstring makers, look on AT for archery shack, great strings and good prices! And don't wax your bowstring, it doesn't do anything only hides the fuzz, doesn't make it better

From: Scooby-doo
Most factory strings are not great, that said I do not shoot thousands of arrows a year so I use what comes on the bow for 2 seasons and than replace. If you shoot a lot than once a year can make sense. I will replace with Gas-X strings next year as my new bow is about 10 months old and I have shot more than in the past. 100 bucks or so is not a bad price to save an eye or some stitches! Shawn

From: elkmtngear
Mine is getting a new set of strings as we speak. I get 2 years max out of strings, even though I wax them regularly.

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