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The re-emergence of longer A-to-A Bows
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standswittaknife 10-Nov-19
Kurt 10-Nov-19
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JW 10-Nov-19
Franklin 10-Nov-19
elmer@laptop 10-Nov-19
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Tonybear61 10-Nov-19
Dave B 10-Nov-19
elkmtngear 10-Nov-19
GF 10-Nov-19
papadeerhtr 10-Nov-19
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RD in WI 10-Nov-19
bowdude 10-Nov-19
Bob H in NH 10-Nov-19
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Spider2 11-Nov-19
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MT in MO 11-Nov-19
Zbarebow 11-Nov-19
GF 11-Nov-19
Ucsdryder 11-Nov-19
Chasewild 11-Nov-19
Z Barebow 11-Nov-19
ELKMAN 12-Nov-19
GhostBird 12-Nov-19
12yards 12-Nov-19
cnelk 12-Nov-19
Will 12-Nov-19
wyobullshooter 12-Nov-19
Will 12-Nov-19
I’ve owned a couple bows the last several years. All were around 32” axle to axle.. I’ve now traded and bought two (one backup) Elite 35” bows and though I was accurate before, I’m a ton more consistent and broadheads fly much better. I’m also old school of sorts and use a very larger kisser. Anyone else going backwards?

From: Kurt
I like my 35” A to A Prime Rivals a whole lot more than a 2011 32” Hoyt Carbon Element. The CE was the most difficult bow for me to shoot accurately under mountain hunting conditions that I ever owned. May have been the short valley, short bow and extreme light weight, but glad I got short bows out of my system.

From: carcus
I like 32-34" the string angle isn't right for me on the shorter bows, I've had 2 36" elites in the past 10 years, a XXL and a Pure, nice bows but too long and without a yoke hard to tune

From: HighLife
Never liked a short axle to axle let alone a short brace height

From: Scoot
My favorite bow ever was a 35" bowtech commander. 34-35" is my favorite.

From: Michael
I shot a 30” ATA bow for a year. Realized I didn’t like a bow that short. Then shot a number of different bows in the 32 to 33” range. Two years ago I got my RX 1 ultra and don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

From: Scooby-doo
I am shooting the new Mathews Traverse, I had been shooting a 28"s A to A bow the last several years and really like the longer bow. My big issue with my new bow and a lot of bows out there is they can be used as a boat anchor. Heavy as all get out when you put on a sight and quiver with arrows. Shawn

From: Bowbender
My best shooting bow, (in my hands) is my Mathews LX. 36" ATA. That bow is just rock solid steady at full draw. It's like the pin is glued to the target.

From: JW
Settled on a pair of PSE Evoke 35s for now. I won’t own another bow under 35” again. To finicky to tune and shoot well under field conditions at my draw length. Maybe I’m getting old, but I remember when 40” bows were considered short :)

From: Franklin
That`s why I like the Hoyt Defiant....the A to A is short but the angle of the string coming off the cams makes it shoot like a 34" bow. The best of both worlds.

From: elmer@laptop
Guess I am old fashioned, and I haven't but a bow in about 15 years, but hearing bows with a 32-35 axle to axle length called long cracks me up My bow is 40 inches axle to axle. Now that's long!! I haven't bought a new bow in so long because I shoot fingers and have not been able to find a bow shorter than 40 inches that feels comfortable on my fingers.

From: Dino
Elmer...that’s funny and classic! I have the 34”Carbon Defiant and it’s one great shooting bow! Curious to see how it compares to the new rx4 ultra.

From: Tonybear61
My longbows are 60", most of my recurves are 52-58" carp bow is 48, a smooth shooting old wheel bow. Currently; shooting about 42" out of a single cam with release, wont go much shorter than that.

From: Dave B
I went from a e35 to victory 37 and love it. I have a 31 inch draw and the short ones dont cut it for me.

From: elkmtngear
I only owned one short ATA bow (32), for a short time. Couldn't tame it with fingers.

Currently shooting an Elite Pure (36 ATA), had it since 2013. I love this bow!

From: GF
I have a really short 52” recurve, a 64” LB and 2 of each type all at 62”.

Most Compounds look like toys, but at least you don’t have to take them apart to fit them on your pack.

The only compound I’ve shot since my Martin Lynx was a BT Commander, and it was crazy-accurate, but I actually shot better 3D scores with my stickbows ; more 8s and 5s with the sticks but a lot fewer zeroes and when I miss with a stickbow it doesn’t cost me $12....

But damn, that thing was an anchor. Didn’t notice it so much out here, but back home at 11,000’ it gets your attention.....

I’d love to see finger-shootable Compounds make a real comeback. Might even need one some day! Itty-bitty groups are satisfying in their own way, but young guys who’ve never shot off of their fingers are missing out on some good stuff....

From: papadeerhtr
I like longer A-A bows myself shoot a 34in and a 35in compound. I draw 31in and just don't like shorter bows. It does crack me up when I hear some of the younger guys say that they cant shoot their target bows for hunting because they are 36 to 38 in long lol.

From: cnelk
I’m shooting an Elite Impulse 31 w/ a 6” brace and I’ve never shot as good as I am now. I also like a shorter bow for hunting elk in heavy timber


From: Trophyhill
Staying short at 32" axle to axle

From: 1boonr
My old bear Alaskan is 52” with 33% let off. I really liked it. Now have a Matthews LX

From: RD in WI
I shoot a 2010 Mathews Drenalin LD @ 37 inches axle-to-axle. It is accurate and quiet but slow when compared to newer bows. I intend to upgrade at some point but the replacement has to have the accuracy and silent shot that I currently enjoy. My son's new Diamond Edge SB-1 is about 10 fps faster shooting the same arrow - and his bow is set nearly 10 pounds less in draw weight.

From: bowdude
When you look closely at the bows, the cams are much larger than they used to be, so you are adding 3 to 4 inches or more to the actual length of the bow. In other words, the axel to axel may be 34 inches, but the measurement to the top of the cam will add more length to the string and lessen the string angle at full draw. I remember when the minimum axel to axel recommendation length was 40+ inches. Over the years, that has gotten less and less. A heavier bow was always considered more accurate as well. It was supposed to hold steadier. It has been an interesting transition of how the archery community keeps changing its opinions and recommendations. I would have to say that as a community, we are sure a fickle bunch. :-)

From: Bob H in NH
Natural progression.. shorter had benefits, so they kept going shorter til it bottomed out and they come back to a moderate size

Love my pse evolve 35

From: bigdog21
best bow for accuracy I ever had was a hoyt defiant 40" A to A from the 90s twin cam solid limbs. I now shoot a crx 32 it good for hunting most shoots under 25yards.

From: Spider2
Ive always liked longer ata bows. Problem is a lot of them dont accommodate long draw lengths. At least the affordable ones dont.

From: badguybuster
I picked up an Obsession FXL (34" ATA) and its far more pleasant to shoot than the shorter bows ive tried.

I have started to hunt from blinds more and so my Defiant Pro works great for this. I am more accurate with my Defiant; however, I started using the Pro from treestands as well since shots are rarely over 15 yards. The shorter version is easier to carry when packing a stand, and when carrying a decoy is easier, at least for me, to not bang around.

From: MT in MO
Maybe I'll finally find a new bow I like. Those short AA bows never excited me and I never liked shooting them...The old 1999 MQ1 model still shoots straight though...

From: Zbarebow
Every time I think about a different bow, I look at what is out there and I treasure what I have. It is a Frankenbow. 2012 Hoyt Vantage LTD. XT3000 limbs with Cam 1/2. 45" ATA. 75% LO. 60 lb. It is a dream to shoot with fingers/barebow. It is a dream to shoot period. They do not make them like that any more. I will guard it until I die. (And then my wife will try and sell it at a garage sale for $10!)

From: GF
“I would have to say that as a community, we are sure a fickle bunch.”

That’s like saying that women are fickle about their hem-lines!

If what’s fashionable didn’t keep changing every year, you guys would settle down with one good bow and be done with it, and all those designers would be out of a job !!


From: Ucsdryder
If you want to shoot a hell of a bow, look at a 2 year old prime centergy hybrid. You can find them on AT or eBay for under 500, even under 400 if you’re patient. That bow flat out shoots with the 35” ATA.

I've always shot 32 to 33 inch A to A bows better than longer A to A.

From: Chasewild

Chasewild's embedded Photo
Chasewild's embedded Photo
Energy 35 got a face lift this year. Don't buy a new bow. Just hunt more.

From: Z Barebow

Z Barebow's embedded Photo
Z Barebow's embedded Photo
Here is the bow I mentioned above.

Long is the new short...

From: GhostBird
I'm still loving my Nitrum 34... always had longer ATA bows.

From: 12yards
I won't buy a bow shorter than 33" ata.

From: cnelk
Well well....

Mathews just released their new bows for 2020 - and guess what?

They are SHORT axle to axle! VXR 31.5" and 28"

From: Will
36" for my 82AB... Love this bow. The new ones are making me curious, but man... This one has just really be great for me. I do think I'm the only person I've ever met who like the 82AB though. Everyone I talk to disliked the draw cycle. For whatever reason, it's worked for me.

Will, I loved my 82AB...until I shot my 350 Destroyer, which was then trumped by my BTX-28, which was then trumped by my Realm SR6. The SR6 will probably be my last bow. Key word being “probably”. lol!

From: Will
Wyo, the SR6 was really close to coming home with me this past summer! Awesome bow! Glad to know my enjoyment of the 82AB is shared by at least 1 other!

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