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New Sitka Stratus?
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M.Pauls 10-Nov-19
Hawkeye 10-Nov-19
BC173 10-Nov-19
Bigwoodshunter 11-Nov-19
M.Pauls 11-Nov-19
kota-man 11-Nov-19
From: M.Pauls
Ponnied up and bought the new fanatic this year to replace my dated “forest camo” version. Absolutely in love. Waaaaaaay more silent material. The huge rangefinder pocket is also golden, as I don’t use a rangefinder, so I can fit my 10x42 Leica Ultravids in there.

This got me thinking about my stratus. It has the same exterior type as the old fanatic from what I can tell. (Still a little noisy) It would only make sense that they would upgrade both of these lines to their new “super duper ultra quiet technology”, but from a marketing standpoint, I could also see how they would stagger these releases, making sure they’d get maximum exposure for each line and staggering it so that people can also afford the upgrade both times when they are exciting and new, not just dumping it all at once. So what’s the word? Anyone hear any rumours?

I only have the stratus jacket and have always wanted pants, but I don’t want to go ahead and buy the pants right before a better version comes out. It would be sweet if the entire stratus exterior was the “burr free” stuff they used for the new fanatic. Also would be wicked if they’d do heat dumping vents on the pants like on Kuiu Attacks so you don’t overheat waking into a stand

From: Hawkeye
I agree with the new Fanatic. Easily the best whitetail jacket I've owned. The Stratus isnt as bad as the Old Fanatic and I feel is quiet enough but will be interesting to see what they do in 2020 as could be "quieter".

From: BC173
I don’t understand ‘ quiet enough’. I’ve blown out bucks drawing my bow, when the collar of my shirt rubbed against a 2 day beard growth, on a dead quiet, extremely cold morning. Let alone an entire jacket.

I am new to Sitka but have nothing but positives to say so far. I purchased matching jacket and pants, medium weight, for bear hunting in Canada this past Spring.

Liked them enough that I purchased the Stratus bibs and a Celsius jacket this past week and used them for the first time this past weekend. Optima camo pattern worked well. I had several does and bucks within 50 or so yards. Fleece material was deadly silent.

I cleaned out my hunting closet and sent my nephew's an early Christmas present. I thought it was all hype, but l hung my XOP stand and sticks and loved the pockets and mobility. I have to say I looked good in that Sitka with my Hoyt Defiant Pro with Tight Spot quiver;-)

How’s the stratus work in cold weather, under 30

From: M.Pauls
For sitting in those temps I’d already have moved into my fanatic. Stratus to me is more of a 40-60 degree setup, or 5-15 in Celsius

From: kota-man
In 30 degrees the Stratus would simply be an outer shell. I move to the Fanatic when it drops below 50.

It was 27 out this Saturday morning when I used the set-up described above. I used the polar base layers from Cabela's and one other LS shirt and was very comfortable. I used a neck gator as well. Maybe I was comfortable enough because of some natural insulation, maybe:)

FWIW, I am not a guy that goes out and purchases new stuff right away to stay trendy. Grey Ghost convinced me to buy my first Hoyt 25 years ago when I wanted a new bow to replace my PSE. I have tried others through the years and am just more comfortable with a Hoyt grip. For me it is all about confidence. Matt no longer shoots Hoyt, but I stayed with them because they work great for me, nothing more than that. If I found a less expensive bow that gave me the same confidence I would change in a heartbeat.

I bought the tight spot quiver when I asked about it here. And glad I did!

Same with Sitka, at first I thought it was a bunch of hype. But guys whom I have learned to trust on this site kept raving about Sitka. At first I wrote it off because of Sitka being a sponsor. But too many kept saying good things. My budget finally allowed me to try some out, and all I can say is I am glad we have BS as a resource to learn about things we might not normally try. Quite a number of folks here really worth listening to. Thanks!

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