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The Least We Could Do! Video!
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From: ElkNut1

ElkNut1 's Link
Guys, here's the clip that was referred to last year pertaining to the Vets hunt we had the honor & privilege to be a part of. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did just being there with these Heroes! All those that have served, Thank You!


Good stuff Paul...

From: Treeline
Excellent work Paul! Had to be amazingly rewarding to be able to be a part of that!

From: elkmtngear
Great video, Paul...the Vet's reaction was priceless!

Thanks for supporting our Veterans!

From: Trophyhill
Nice job Paul! Your true red white n blue colors shine bright! You my friend are a great American and a great man!

From: Dirty D
Nice work Paul, that's a great endeavor! I get stuck "guiding" my 72 yr. old Vet every year (aka dad) who still carries grenede shraprel in his leg and who still outhunts 90% of my buddies in their forties.. Greatfull for such a role model and greatful for all that have served!

From: ki-ke

Great stuff. Good on you for putting that together. That vets reaction and thankfulness after finding that bull??.....tears. Love those guys...all battle vets, for what they went through.

Thanks for sharing

From: Bou'bound

From: Ucsdryder
Wow. That all I got.

From: TrapperKayak
Priceless! Thank all you vets past, present and future who have kept us free and made all these things possible in our great country, America! The true heroes.

From: ElkNut1
Happy to share, thank you!

Those guys were so appreciative it was unreal! They'd not seen Elk Country in all its glory like they experienced that week. Their enthusiasm for the hunt was unmatched. Not for one single moment did they ever complain or say they were getting tired & they got drug through the ringer as we covered countless miles, no kidding. They were able to enjoy the true experience & realization of an OTC Public Land elk hunt. We all came out better people at the end of that week! -- No doubt lots of heroes out there among us!


From: Stoneman
Thanks for sharing Paul - well done!

God Bless you Paul for bringing people together like that. Priceless

From: 0hndycp
That’s the beauty and power of the outdoors, it’s soul therapy!

Great job on you guys taking them! Video moved me to emotion!

From: goelk
thanks for sharing

From: tinecounter
Well done gentlemen. Unforgettable memory for this veteran. Outstanding video.

Simply awesome.

From: snapcrackpop
Simply beautiful!

Thank you for helping take these guys out.

Great video.

From: stringgunner
Great job! Thanks for sharing and giving back.

From: stringgunner
Thanks for sharing. Thanks for giving back.

From: BMF11
Amazing video and kudos to Paul. Thank you to all the Veterans that make our lifestyles possible!

From: Inshart
Agree, that was outstanding!

On Veterans day I called my veteran friend (90 years old) Walt and wished him a great day and thanked him for his service. As we talked on the phone he tried to tell me a little bit about what he had been through. He broke down and said, "ya know Bob, even after 70 years I still can't talk about somethings".

God bless our vets and prayers for what they have gone through.

Fantastic! What you did is amazing and wonderful!

From: Jaquomo
Great job and thanks for sharing with them, and with us!

I host a wounded veteran fly fishing program at my fishery every summer. The joy it brings to them is priceless. Anything we can do to give back is not nearly enough repayment for their sacrifices.

From: Outdoordan
Wow, got me all choked up. Thanks for sharing Paul!

Very cool.. what it’s about..

Great job Paul, as usual, one happy soldier right there... thanks for doing what a true patriot does...

From: Paul@thefort
Brought a tear to my eye. Nicely done, and GOD bless the USA and the freedoms we have because of guys like these. USAF, my best, Paul

From: midwest
Dang....choked me up. God bless those guys and thanks for sacrificing a piece of your own season to help them out.

Was this in Idaho, Paul?

From: ElkNut1
Guys, you aren't alone here showing human emotions. There wasn't an eye that wasn't misting up there on the mountain when Jerry (the guy who took the bull) showed his heartfelt feelings for his buddies who didn't make it back, he said that bull was for them, then he named a couple of them! Man that was so unexpected & hard hitting we were speechless guys. All 3 of them shared the same sentiments, it was truly an awesome day of team work elk hunting!

Midwest, yes it was an Idaho OTC hunt, I'd never been in that area previous so we were all in untouched territory! It was a life changing elk hunt for me! Thanks!


Great video.

From: BigOk
Great video!!

From: RickH
Excellent, Thanks for doing that.

From: Sivart
Paul, you are the salt of the earth...

From: Ron Niziolek
That was simply great. What emotion!

From: Elite 1
Lump in the throat after watching fantastic video. Thanks to all for all they do great video.

From: dakotaduner
That was great, Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you Paul for the giving and sharing that you do. To all the men and women that serve and have served our great nation as well as their families....Thank you

From: KHNC
Joe is a personal friend of mine. He has told me about this hunt 58 times at least! LOL

I will be glad when he kills his first archery bull. He refuses to get a rifle bull tag until he gets one with his bow.

From: Shiras42
Pretty good stuff! Thanks for doing this and sharing

From: Destroyer350
Freaking awesome!

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