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Fanatic pack
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chasintheslam 14-Nov-19
APauls 14-Nov-19
greg simon 14-Nov-19
No Mercy 14-Nov-19
Brotsky 14-Nov-19
Grubby 14-Nov-19
Pat Lefemine 14-Nov-19
Bigwoodshunter 14-Nov-19
chasintheslam 14-Nov-19
Busta'Ribs 14-Nov-19
Anyone get the new fanatic pack? What's the thoughts on it

From: APauls
I'm a gear junky and hardly gave it a passing look. Doesn't appeal to me at all. May be because I have what I consider to be the ultimate pack for the mobile whitetail hunter in the Mystery Ranch MR-18. Couldn't have designed it better.

From: greg simon
I have had hands on the Fanatic Pack. I see it as more of a satchel than a pack. It would be fine for carrying a few small light items to your stand. I did not buy it .

From: No Mercy
Apauls-I don't see an MR-18 on the Mystery Ranch site?

From: Brotsky
Pop-up 18 maybe?

From: Grubby
Is that mystery ranch quiet?

From: Pat Lefemine
Leo had it on our hunt. It's extremely quiet - but It lacks structure so I agree with the sachel comment. It has it's place but for my uses, like carrying my camera gear - I wouldn't trade my tool bucket.

Gyy it a, I’m still having trouble as to what Sitka system to order, fanatic or the stratus!!! Need more input PLEASE. Can only pick 1

Go with the fanatic the stratus is good but for me its fanatic all the way

From: Busta'Ribs
I have the new fanatic pack and I love it. Hands down, the quietest pack I've ever owned. I do not carry any camera equipment, the heaviest item I carry in the pack is a heavy set of rattling horns, which by the way, the Fanatic pack carries them far better and quieter than anything I've ever seen with it's unique strap design. This is an extremely well thought out piece of gear, and it's obvious when you use the pack for what it was intended for - Treestand Hunting for Whitetails. To be sure, it is a specialized pack that will not cover all of your uses. But for hunting big-Whitetails from a treestand, I don't think there is much room for improvement over the Fanatic. I hunted in Alberta in mid-November last year for 6 days and used an early release version of the pack. It was a very cold (down to minus 10 deg F), still and quiet week and the pack easily and silently held everything I needed to stay comfortable and lethal for my entire hunt. It lacks structure for a reason, it is designed that way on purpose. It is not a load hauler. But is is silent and once you have emptied it and hung it from the tree it collapses down to a low profile that helps minimize your silhouette and impact. Some features I really like are the lid pocket, which I use for items I may need handy while in the tree and need easy access to. It has two small side pockets that are sized perfectly; one to hold my 8x30 whitetail binos and the other to hold my rangefinder. It also has two larger (longer) side pockets on the opposite side that hold my grunt call(s) and bow arm hanger. There are also a number of well thought out pockets in the main cargo interior area of the pack for other less used, but necessary items like my knife/field dressing kit (I very rarely need that), pruning shears, small limb saw, rope, etc. And as for the main cargo area, I've found it more than large enough to carry all the extra clothing needed when I have a long hike in/out of the stand. Finally, I carry my bow on a spare arm (hook) suspended from the left side shoulder strap and hang my stand (for hang/hunt set ups) off a hook suspended from my right shoulder strap. The pack easily carries the weight of the stand and bow, balanced on each side off my hips, as I hike into and climb the tree. And again, it does all that silently. Did I mention I love the pack?

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