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Tent Repair?
Contributors to this thread:
Z Barebow 14-Nov-19
Bou'bound 14-Nov-19
Mule Power 14-Nov-19
Franklin 14-Nov-19
orionsbrother 14-Nov-19
standswittaknife 14-Nov-19
Scoot 15-Nov-19
Mule Power 15-Nov-19
Bowboy 15-Nov-19
GF 15-Nov-19
midwest 15-Nov-19
Grubby 15-Nov-19
WV Mountaineer 15-Nov-19
Z Barebow 17-Nov-19
Whitey 17-Nov-19
Ambush 17-Nov-19
From: Z Barebow
I would like to repair my backcountry tent (BA FlyCreek2). It has two BIG holes. (About the size of basketballs) (Future story) I have looked at replacements but I have a shred of hope I can repair economically. (One hole is in the side of tent and second is through the screen door)

I am thinking of buying Dyneema cloth and using fabric rated double stick tape to secure. I would finish off the edges with seam sealer. I would have ~ $50 into it. Thoughts?

From: Bou'bound
The story please the story!!!!!!!

From: Mule Power
For $50 it’s worth a try. Seam Grip from REI is an EXCELLENT sealant/adhesive.

Ya know what I would do.. I'd call Big Agnes and ask if they have any scrap material laying around. If they do, take that to a seamstress and get it sewn in place or do it yourself and then seam seal it.. otherwise, I think you're better off replacing. Or maybe using material from another tent for the patch that might get you another couple years

From: Franklin
I would use contact cement before double sided tape. Wouldn`t have to seal it either.

Tenacious Tape

I need pics

From: Scoot
Are they large 3 corner tears or literally holes? Sounds like an interesting story is coming.

From: Mule Power
Rule number 1: No indoor campfires! Lol

From: Bowboy
Just send it to BA they'll repair it.

From: GF
Or REI Repairs. Just call a store and ask.

From: midwest
If BA can't fix it, I would buy a piece of silnylon and make a patch. Sew the patch over the tears and cut out the excess torn material. Then seal the seams.

I bought a sewing machine for all my projects years ago. It's been invaluable. Only I call it my thread injection machine.....sounds more manly. ;-)

From: Grubby
I want a thread injector, I haven’t found one yet.

You can check “repair lair” in the twin cities too

Buy a piece of sil poly and use seam seal to seal it. I’d tape it in place with tear aid first. Then glob the sealant to it. Bet it works like a charm.

On the screen, I’d just tape some bug netting in place with tear aid.

From: Z Barebow

Z Barebow's Link
Follow link for pics of tears. Bottom of thread.

From: Whitey
Toss it.

From: Ambush
I’d head to Kijiji, Craigslist, local Buy&Sell and some of the camping/ hiking forums for a good used replacement. If you can find exactly the same tent, you have spare parts.

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