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Lasik Question
Contributors to this thread:
Thornton 14-Nov-19
dagaboy 15-Nov-19
BC173 16-Nov-19
BC173 16-Nov-19
BowJangles 17-Nov-19
Franklin 17-Nov-19
casper 18-Nov-19
From: Thornton

Saw this warning from an FDA Adviser

From: dagaboy
I had it done in 2004... best money I ever spent

From: BC173
JTV... it’s the reason I’ve not had LASIK surgery. I’ll just wear contacts, and not take any chances.

From: BC173

From: BowJangles
dagaboy x2. Best $3500 I've ever spent. I see 20/15 and the entire procedure took less than 10 minutes. It's down to a science at this point and the margin of error seems mighty slim.

From: Franklin
I think that`s the point of the thread...."10-30% post surgery problems" doesn`t fall into the "mighty slim" category....especially when it comes to your

From: casper
I had it done in 2000 and it took me to 20/15 19 years later I'm 20/20 . doc said because i refused the valium drug to relax me i shouldn't move at all during the procedure. no problem doc I'm not moving a muscle. wife and two friends also great results with same doc. a year later he gets shut down for law suits against him. i think it is a personal thing of how good a doctor is in figuring out if your eyes are a good candidate to be fixed. my laser was 15 seconds my wife 55 seconds to correct she was 20/25 after laser and 19 years later wears contacts to get her back to 20/20. just depends on how bad your vision is and if you have stigmatism in your eyes. pick out a good doc and go for it.

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