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Bow replacement parts question????
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Bentstick81 17-Nov-19
Bou'bound 17-Nov-19
Trial153 17-Nov-19
Stubbleduck 17-Nov-19
'Ike' (Phone) 17-Nov-19
BowJangles 17-Nov-19
Buck Watcher 18-Nov-19
From: Bentstick81
Does anyone here know if there is a time frame where you can't get bow parts, like limbs, cams, cables, on the BIG # 3 bow manufactures? I heard that Mathews carries any parts for any of their bows. Don't know if that is true or not. There are a couple older bows on ebay that i was looking at to shoot fingers release, instinctively. Thanks in advance.

From: Bou'bound
Brand by brand policy

From: Trial153
Just buy a brand new bow. Every year they come out with the best bow ever, ask Mathews and Hoyt

From: Stubbleduck
I keep an old Matthews Q2 set up for Gobbler Guillotine broadheads just for turkey season. I got the bow new somewhere around 2002?? I think. Two years ago I was checking it out a couple of months before turkey season and noticed some minor cracking around the bolts that hold the Cams on one limb. I took it in to Schaffer Performance Archery in Minnesota (Where I originally purchased the bow). John Schaffer called Matthews and within in three days had a set of replacement limbs. The replacement limbs were black rather than camo as Matthews apparently didn't have them in camo. The replacements did not require any retuning, the bow shot just the same as with the originals.

Trial, you forgot Bowtech...However they usually don’t have parts for older bows, so with a lil cash you can get one of their newer ones! Lol

From: BowJangles
I've ordered parts for older Mathews bows and get them inside of a week. Everything from grips, limbs and cams. They're spot on with their parts.

From: Buck Watcher
True - Every part for every Mathews bow made is still available.

True - Parts for a bow as "young" as 5 years old NOT available from every other manufacture. BUT some offer you a 40% discount on the their newer bow - - even it you don't want their new bow.

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