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'morning Ladies & Gent's,

I just got back from my 2nd ever Whitetail Buck hunt.

This tag was for a Wyoming Unit.

Last year on my very first ever Whitetail Buck hunt I was in Iowa and as many of you know I'm not much of a tree stand guy nor ground blind type guy so I did Spot-n-Stalk with my Recurve in Iowa/5.

The best buck I drew down on before he blew out! was this big Ears Wide Rack with most of his Tines Ears Tall ( ya know roll the ears up for field length measuring like on Antelope or Mnt. Goats) and he has haunted my mind/memory since. No I didn't harvest him but at 20-25 yards on the ground he was very visible for memories.

So I kept that desired goal in my plans for my Wyoming hunt this year.

Not sure if it was a good idea or just an Iowa pipedream ?

Realistic is my question I guess as a more or less Rookie Whitey hunter.

Thanks, Robb

From: pointingdogs
I've hunted northeast Wyoming many times. That would be a good whitetail for Wyoming. There are bigger but not like Iowa. Different standards for different places. Seems like a good goal to me, especially spot and stalk.

From: Brotsky
A good goal to have, just shoot what makes you happy Robb. You’ll know him when you see him!

From: dakotaduner
As Brotsky said you will know when you see it. I just returned from a week long hunt, knowing we agreed to let 3.5 year old 5x5s walk right by us. When they came in range I was happy to see them but did not get all excited. Second to last day had 3 4x4s 2 in the 120s and one upper 130s all at 10 yards or less. I wanted the big one, thought I was going to have the big one. My heart was off the charts. Never got the shot off, best hunt ever. I think you will know and be happy whatever the outcome. good luck

From: JTV
it all depends on where one is at .... some places have larger mature deer, others you may be lucky the buck will break 100" .... I still 'try' to go by the ear width motto and it being a 3.5 yr old .... ... on the private I had for 18 yrs, we had a min. of 130"/3.5 yr old or older, on the state land I now hunt, as some said, I know it when I see it ....... if I can get a big Doe in the freezer first before the rut kicks in, I am more prone to holding out for larger bucks.... if I'm hurting for meat and havnt killed a big Doe yet, a decent 2.5 yr old 8 pt may be in trouble ....where I used to be picky, Its harder to do so on the state land now .... about every 3rd year on the place, I'll kill a BIG buck.. I'm happy with that ..

Those all make sense to me and it is kinda a goal of mine to get that/my 1st public land Whitetail buck.

Good luck, Robb

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