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From: KyleSS

KyleSS's embedded Photo
KyleSS's embedded Photo
Ok, I'm sure this isn't what you were expecting when you opened this thread but I am sure proud of my wife. My wife didn't bowhunt last year because at the time our son was only 4 months old. When I was putting in our draws this year, I told her that based on her points (6) she had about a 80% chance of pulling her non-trophy sheep tag in Canmore. At first she wasn't sure about pulling it, I think she was a little intimidated by mountain hunting as she had never done it. After we chatted about it for a bit, she decided that she wanted to try. When the results came out, we found out that she was successful in drawing her non trophy sheep tag. The first trip for scouting was Father's day. I wanted to go for a hike in Canmore so we loaded up and headed west. I packed our son in his backpack and my wife took the pack with food, water, and baby essentials. It ended up that my mid 70's grandparents came, my dad, my wife, and my son. It was a great day, a nice hike, and we even found some ewes. The second trip was during hunting season and it was a beautiful sunny Saturday. We loaded up our son, our gear, some food, and headed west. I carried him in the backpack and she carried food and water. We didn't find any sheep but we had a great day on the grassy slopes as a family. A couple of weeks ago my wife asked what I wanted to do for my birthday (Nov 16th). I told her that I wanted to go sheep hunting. With out her really thinking about it, she said, awe hun, that's great, you will have a lot of fun. After a few seconds, she said "wait, I'm the only one with a Nov sheep tag" well how is a loving wife to say no to the birthday boy. So on Friday my mother in law came down to watch our son as it's not baby friendly out there any more. We left the house by 615am and we had sheep spotted from the truck by 8am. We hiked up and lost the sheep that we spotted from the road but we found some others moving up to us. Those didn't pan out and they decided to head off another direction. We sat there and spotted for a bit and then I decided to take a stroll and check out a cliff band. On my way back, I found a ewe & young ram. I quickly got my wife and the hunt was on. We managed to sneak into 20 yards. In her excitement, she sailed the first arrow right over her back. The ewe only went about 10 yards before stopping. We moved around and got into a good shooting lane. My wife had calmed herself a bit by this time and the second 20 yard shot was perfect. The ewe ran off about 50 yards and it was all over. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday, hunting sheep and making memories with my wife. Even though she isn't a mountain hunting expert, she thoroughly enjoyed the hunt, the experience, and can't wait to do it again in another 6 or 7 years.

From: Scoot
Outstanding! Good for her and happy birthday to you!

Very nice!!

From: Ambush
Fantastic Kyle and congrats to your wife!! You can add that to your long list of trophy photos!

I lived in Canmore and worked in Exshaw in the mid ‘70’s Different place back then.

From: APauls
That's pretty awesome man. Congrats.

From: M.Pauls
That is super. A big congratulations! You share a birthday with my wife :)

Congrats to you both!!

From: Yellowjacket
Congratulations! Ewe hunts are fun! :)

Happy Birthday and Congratulations. Very cool story!

From: Splitbrow
Congratulations! Well done!

From: njbuck
Very nice, congrats to both of you.

Way to go!! Good job guys!!

From: Huntcell
A “quarter slammer” Nicely done!

From: Brotsky
That's awesome Kyle! Congrats to your wife and to you! Your wife shoots the same bow as my little lady, great women's bow!

From: Grubby
That’s awesome !

From: Bou'bound
Good for her and ewe

Way to go! Great time spent together

A husband and wife that hunts together, stays together. Nicely done both of you. my best, Paul

From: Kurt
Congrats to your wife! Nice ewe in the snow!

From: ki-ke
Nice! Congrats to you both!!

From: Bowboy
Very nice congrats to both of you.

From: Rgiesey
Great deal! Looks like a trophy to me.

From: kscowboy
Thanks for sharing. Congrats. All Canmore hunts should be posted here. Pat needs to make it mandatory.

From: KyleSS
Thanks everyone. Over the years I have managed some amazing animals but this one takes the cake for most memorable hunt.

Anyone else from Bowsite up in Canmore this year? I only know one resident who has a late season ram tag. Passed on a few rams so far

From: goelk
thanks for sharing and congratulations

From: Jaquomo
Really a great story and adventure! Congrats to both!

Paul, I don't know about the "hunts together, stays together" theory. My first wife and I avidly hunted big game and birds together. Our honeymoon was a DIY horse pack elk hunt on the Continental Divide during the infamous Blizzard of '84. After about 10 years we finally reached a point where we were barely speaking before the divorce. Lucky we didn't shoot each other.


Congrats Young Lady

Thanks for sharing, Robb

From: JohiahKep
Congratulations, Well Done.

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