December Public Land WT
Whitetail Deer
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cnelk 19-Nov-19
Glunt@work 19-Nov-19
Rocky D 19-Nov-19
KHNC 19-Nov-19
From: cnelk
Its been a couple weeks since I killed anything and Im thinking about heading out to Neb in December to do some WT hunting on public land.

The firearm season is going on right now, ends Sunday, and Im sure the deer are scattered to hell and back. But by the time I go, would it be effective to do any grunting, rattling, bleats? Or just sit trails that lead to food sources and be quiet?

From: Glunt@work
Our December NE tactic is usually sit funnels and let the muzzleloaders push deer around.

From: Rocky D
I would focus on food sources and trail leading to food sources. You may get some late rut activity but concentrating on the food should put you on doe and any late rut action. Also, those bucks are going to need to pack on some weight that they lost chasing the girls. Grunt may work if you see buck at a distance that is not going to provide a shot opportunity.

From: KHNC
I have had very little success with calling late season bucks in Nebraska. Public or private. Those deer get a LOT of pressure during firearms and ML. Food sources are the best option along with thick areas near rivers if you have access.

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