Deer Habitat Structure like for fish?
Whitetail Deer
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walks with a gimp 19-Nov-19
Bou'bound 20-Nov-19
Hans 1 20-Nov-19
My property is oriented north to south which makes it hard to hunt the wind with the deer having the same travel rout. Can I build structure with downed trees and brush to change their ways? I have some ideas of my own but would like suggestions. I have lots of downed trees and brushy trees I'd like to turn into something positive like thermal cover and sun exposure areas. I have about 20 acres.

From: Bou'bound
yes you can

From: Hans 1
I owned 40 acres of open land half pasture and half crop. An old fence line split the 2 fields I dozed it out to make one crop field. I took the trees to a small valley that was to steep to farm didn’t really pile them just rolled them down there. For the next few years would fund 8-10 sheds a year in that area where I had never found them before.

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