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Is Your Backup The Same Bow...
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Two Feathers 27-Nov-19
Do you have the same model/setup bow for your backup? Curious to see how many have two of the same Bow...

From: PECO
No, not even close. I only have one compound, and some recurves and a longbow.


From: Franklin
No.... all 3 compound are different makes and models. Hoyt....Elite...High Country.


From: Matt
Very similar bows and similar/same accessories.

From: Bowboy
Same brand but not the same bow

From: dg72a
3 Mathews and 1 Elite E35. They all shoot great.

From: Huntcell
Owned 4 bows in 51 years never had a backup.

yes, but I've shot the same style recurve for over 30 years.

From: PREZ
Yes...I have 3 Bowtech BTX28. Two of them are 70 lb and the other is a 60lb. The 70 lb bows are exact except for the sight.

From: Scar Finga
No, three different bows, all shoot great!

From: Shug
All four are same exact bow

Both hoyt but diff models RX1 and Helix

From: Trial153

From: Jaquomo
No, two different Bowtechs. set up the same except for the sight.. My recurve backup is a takedown R/D longbow, but I shoot both well with the same arrows so it doesn't matter.

From: Russell
Sure are. Bowtech Invasion CPX x2

From: hdaman
Same manufacturer, one is an older model. Same accessories.

From: Supernaut
Nope, 2 different recurves.

From: relliK reeD
NO bow is a older mattews 6.5 rezen and backup is a 7MM MAG

yes, it wasn't but I traded my bowtech to a archer for his elite... same bow now is what I wanted.

From: cnelk
Yes - because I dont have a 'backup'

From: HDE
Nope. No backup either.

From: longspeak74
2 Primes, different models however. You guys talked me into getting a back-up for my trip this past September!

From: 12yards
I bought an Elite Synergy in 2015 and kept my Hoyt Vectrix XL for a backup. Sold my Hoyt Maxxis 35. It was not a good combo. The Synergy has a valley forever, the Vectrix, not much. So they weren't complimentary at all. I ended up selling the Vectrix XL the next spring and bought a used GT500 for a backup. That worked great. Since then I've sold the GT and bought an Elite Impulse 34 in 50 pounds to help with my continually degenerating shoulders. I've since added another Synergy in 50 pounds. So I now have a Synergy in 60 and 50 pounds and an I34 in 50. I may set up one of the 50s for my son next year, but it's been nice shooting/hunting with, the 50 pounders the last couple seasons. I don't necessarily think you need two of the same bow, but they at least should be similar holding bows at full draw.

From: PECO
"backup is a 7MM MAG" Good Answer!

From: Shawn
Nope, shoot a Mathews Traverse and my back ups are my recurves or vice-versa. Shawn

From: sdkhunter
No, not the same. I normally just keep around one of my favorite older bows for that...

Browning Mirage with my backup being a Mathews Legacy. Can you tell I don’t buy a new bow every year ??

From: Boatman71
Same manufacturer but not model, my target bow is my "back up" bow. Hope I never have to use that shiny sucker though!

From: Brotsky
Nope, my primary is a Prime and my backup is an Xpedition. My back up to my backup is a longbow (which is going to become my whitetail primary next year).

No, sir. My primary (now) is a Hoyt Carbon Defiant. Back-up is a Bowtech Invasion.

From: M.Pauls
I’ve got 2 Tall Tines that i regularly shoot, 54# and 48# both 58”s. I love that setup I can go back and forth with eeze and depending which one I find sexier for the day. It’s piece of mind that if something goes wrong I’d have a seemless transition. I had a Tall Tines delaminate a number of years back (my fault, left it in the “sauna”) and I was scrambling. Now I’ve actually got 3 TTs so I should be good to go even with my absent mind

From: elkmtngear
I'm going to start taking my Samick Sage Takedown Recurve, as a backup to my Elite Pure...just because "sh** happens" .

From: Bowbender
Nope. Main bow is a Hoyt HyperForce. 1st backup is a Mathew LX (Love that bow), 2nd backup is a Mathews FeatherMax.

From: pav
Yes...almost. Have a back up bow that is the same model, but different poundage. Primary bow has 70# limbs...backup bow has 60# limbs. Figuring as I age, the backup bow will eventually become the primary bow.

No, I have two Bowtech's (Realm and Realm SS) that I take on my travel hunts. I use my Prodigy as my primary WT bow and just leave it at my cabin year round. Had been using my Allegiance as my WT bow until getting the Realm's last year.

Yes, same model and set up almost identical. But a new model has gotten my attention. IF I take the plunge the models will differ but the set ups will be very similar....anyone looking for a very nice Halon 32 lol?

From: Blue
same brand, bjut a couple of years older my back up

From: yooper89
Hoyt Satori and Prime CT3. Not sure which will come first. Depends on the hunt I guess.

From: Bou'bound
no...sounds boring

From: Highlife

From: Nick Muche
Same exact bow

From: fubar racin
I will likely pickup a second logic this summer to match the one I just bought once I find the color I want then it will become the primary hahaha.

From: drycreek
Used to be, but no backup bow now that I don’t go out of state. In the past, an Elite Synergy and E35, before that the E35 and an Answer, before that the Answer and a Pure......

From: Ron Niziolek
No, two different Hoyts but set up the same.

From: Hank_S
No, only one bow.

From: carcus
Nope, i have a 70 pound elk and moose bow and a 60 pound deer and bear hunting bow, both bowtechs, different models, they are both backups depending on what im hunting

From: Dale06
I had two Hoyt Faktor bows set up exactly the same. They were getting on in years so I sold one and the other is now the back up for my Helix.

From: INbowdude
Both are Hoyt Carbon Spyders. Same whisper biscuit, sights different, same release, same peep sight. Poundage a bit different. Different stabilizers.

From: jstephens61
Two Elite E35s. One Realtree Extra, one Realtree Snow.

From: skull

From: Trophyhill
Not anymore. Used to have 2 D350's......

From: JW
Yes, setup exactly the same. a pair of PSE Evoke 35s with the exact same accessories . If i need my backup, its the same rig as the other one.

From: badbull

I have two recurves and a long bow made by the same man. All different. All different draw weight. Love them all and grab whatever one tickles my fancy that morning.

From: Arrowflinger
I have a Hoyt Defiant and a Black Widow PSA recurve.

From: Kurt
Two virtually identical Prime Rivals (different camo) set up the same for me. I shot a bear and elk with the "back-up" bow this year.

From: GF
Nope. My second bow was a 62”, #55@28” recurve, same as the first, but #2 is a takedown. Since then I’ve added 3 longbows that net roughly #48, #52 and #62 at my DL. All bows but the #48 are 62”; #48 is 64”.

Different but pretty similar and they all shoot very nicely indeed. JMO, you can either shoot or not. No sense blaming a miss on the equipment!

Interesting, thanks...

From: plenty coups
Nope. 56" Toelke Pika and a 60" Toelke Whip.

From: Bob H in NH
No backup. Recently moved and all the extra bows got sold

From: FlyingArcher
Primary bow is a PSE, backup is a recurve.

From: Rut Nut

Rut Nut's embedded Photo
Rut Nut's embedded Photo
Darton Vapor. This is my backup:

From: Swampbuck
No, but my back ups are similar. Mathews MQ1, Featherlite and an Ultra.

From: South Farm

From: Scar Finga
Man some of you are boring and equipment snobs! LOL!

Have fun and shoot what ya got, but shoot them all good!

Both Hoyt. Shoot an RX1 Ultra. Backup or spare is Carbon Spyder34. Both set up the same but the Spyder us at 50#. Shoot it all winter at the club in league. Rx1 is 65#.

From: CurveBow
Backup?? Nope, own several compounds, recurves and one longbow. However, none are a backup to my 2017 Hoyt Defiant Carbon.


From: Red Sparky
No. I am usually hunting with my daughters and they get first shot. If something happens to my bow I usually just pull out my recurve. The only thing I have had happen is I took my release off because my wrist was sweating and had to walk a mile back to where I sat down to pick it up. I now have another release, exactly the same, in my pack.

From: 4blade

From: GF
Kinda curious what Ike was really asking about??

Same company, different models.

I will always have a back up. Lesson learned.

GF, just wondering how many have two of the same bow model...Figured it’d be a slim number!

From: GF
I’d think so - the damn things are expensive, and a lot of guys replace them annually or so..... Not much sense taking the depreciation hit TWICE just to have everything all Matchy-Matchy....

Funny, though - I don’t know a lot of Trad guys who own duplicates; too much enjoyment to be had in the variety!

And of course, some guys still believe that there is that ONE magical bow out there that will hit right where they’re looking every time through ESP or something.

I just make sure my arrow is pointed at the target and that my form is as solid as I can get it and don’t worry too much about the rest.....,

From: TrapperKayak
No, Savage Deathmaster, Brackenbury Shadow, and Bear Tigercat are the three I own. Was interested in another like-new looking DM that was also built by Rocky, a few pounds heavier weight at 65#, but I couldn't come up with an extra 600 bucks. Wish I'd bought that one..., it would have been my go-to, and the other one my back up.

From: papadeerhtr
I have 2 compounds a E35 and PSE React. the PSE was supposed to be backup but I like it more than E35. Also have recurves and a BW longbow hunt with all them.

From: Genesis
Yes,same Prime Ion (different color) w/ whisker biscuit and axcel armortech sight.

From: Brian M.
Nope, my longbow backs up my recurve. My recurve backs up my longbow.

From: Two Feathers
No. I've never needed a backup. I do have an extra string set up and ready to go.

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