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Wicking socks?
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Jasper 20-Nov-19
Scrappy 20-Nov-19
cnelk 20-Nov-19
Brotsky 20-Nov-19
shiloh 20-Nov-19
Franklin 20-Nov-19
APauls 20-Nov-19
Nick Muche 20-Nov-19
Bear Track 20-Nov-19
ground hunter 20-Nov-19
IdyllwildArcher 20-Nov-19
Jasper 21-Nov-19
wetman 21-Nov-19
DRR324 21-Nov-19
From: Jasper
Are they all basically the same as long as they wick moisture away? Anyone have some that they love and are worth the extra cost? I was reading about some Free Fly X performance socks and the cost got me wondering if they’re is really a difference. Thanks!

From: Scrappy
If it's not merino wool then I won't wear them for hunting. Shop around and you can find good deals on merino wool socks.

From: cnelk

cnelk's Link
I wear 'People Socks' everyday - see link

From: Brotsky
I prefer Darn Tough socks, they are darn tough to beat.

From: shiloh
I wear darn toughs as well, but my feet still get cold

From: Franklin
Are you looking at a wicking sock for sweat or cold weather. There is a difference for me. A "sweat" liner would be a more modern material and a "cold" weather" liner would be a merino wool.

For the sweat I used the 5 toe liners this year for the 1st time and they are outstanding....shockingly. My cold weather liner I use is Cabelas merino wool "Instinct" sock with a heavyweight wool sock over. That combo worked the best for me this fall in Wisc.

From: APauls
Darn Tough user here. I bought a wicking liner sock once and maybe it's mental but it felt like it made my feet sweat more than normal, and felt worse.

From: Nick Muche
Darn Tough socks are darn nice.

From: Bear Track
Someone on here had a thread about sweaty feet. someone said anti persperant spray. I use Arrid. It goes on before I go out every day now.

I bit the price and bought some Darn Tough socks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wow worth every penny

Franklin is right about those liners. Put your Darn Tough socks over them.

From: Jasper
Thanks guys, Franklin! I’m a Darn Tough fan as well. Just curious about the best liner/wicking sock for cold weather to wear under the DTs.

From: wetman
Best combo for me was a Smartwool dress sock (ultralight thickness) under a heavy wool sock. Misplaced the thin smartwool socks so have used Cabelas Instinct this year and it worked well. We'll see how that combo works during the upcoming North Dakota late-season hunts.

From: DRR324
The majority of good wicking socks are made of polypropylene. Designed to move the moisture through the liner and into the wool blend sock. Dress socks do not retain moisture either. Combination of a good polypro liner with wool (higher % of wool equates to warmth) will do the trick. Buy the liners, hand wash them and hang dry after each day so they don't stink to high heaven, and purchase varying percents of wool outer socks based on your needs. Less % is required for still or slip hunting on the move, more for straight up stand hunting. The price differences come from the quality of construction, heel and toe stitching, ankle wrap construction, etc. Another tip for those guys with cold feet while stand hunting- save the inserts from any old "sneakers" that you are tossing out. Take the liner out of the boot, slip in the sneaker liner and then your boot liner goes back in. As long as they don't make your boots too tight- you've just added insulation where you need it most.

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