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Southern hunt?
Whitetail Deer
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Iowabowhunter 20-Nov-19
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Kodiak 21-Nov-19
Russell 21-Nov-19
Got a major depression going on from lack of bowhunting. Shot my Iowa whitetail buck on 11.1 and have been chasing waterfowl here (duck hunting sucks in Iowa without a boat).

I cant use my bow for whitetails now until late muzzleloader season opens up here in Iowa on December 23rd.

I'm half considering doing some last minute research and begging my better half to let me use some vacation days to go chase whitetails in another state.

I would likely need to go after the 1st of the year.

If you had the option of hunting down south somewhere, where would you go?

Has to be public land, and I really prefer hunting from a tree so I'd need to be able to use my hang n hunt setup (XOP Vanish Elite and Muddy Pro sticks).

I cant afford a guided hunt, plus prefer to do it on my own anyway. Public land walk in access would be needed as I dont have a boat.

Any thoughts?

Go to Arizona and hunt Coues

From: drycreek
Oklahoma has some public and some nice bucks. And about all I know about it. Some of the OK guys could tell you more. I’m from Texas and our season closes the first Sunday in January and we have very little public for our size. Good luck !

Assuming you want to hunt deer, I second the AZ suggestion, and I live in the south (NC). Can’t think of any decent late-season deer hunting on public land, except possibly in Alabama. If you would consider chasing hogs, then GA is the state for good public land DIY hunting. I was able to bowhunt deer in AZ in January once and loved being able to chase rutting mulies and Coues deer, but it was all spot/stalk.

'Bama. Talladega National Forest. Good hunting. Lots of ground. You will enjoy it.

From: blimp
Fla. The rut occurs in west fla. In late jan to feb and there are millions of acres of public land to hunt. And the cost of nonresident license is dirt cheap. The weather is right also

From: Kodiak

From: Russell
I would contact Blacktail Bob and inquire about his place in Arizona.

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