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From: LBshooter
Is it possible to buy a bull elk tag over the counter in NM?

From: Trial153
Not unless you buying it over a land owners kitchen counter. In that case bring your check book .

From: LBshooter
Is it possible to buy a bull elk tag over the counter in NM?

From: nmwapiti
As stated, not through the fish and game. Landowner tags are a possibility. Good ones don't come cheap.

From: HDE
To answer your question, yes.

Technically, yes.

From: uteangler
Yes you can. For private land. You first have to obtain the ranch code from the landowner, and he/she will also give you an authorization number. Then you go on the nm game and fish website and buy your private land elk license.

From: HDE
Ranch number is already published on the landowner EPLUS list. The LO will give you the authorization code after you settle on a purchase agreement.

Prime unit tags will sell for $5k to $10k average. Subpar units usualy go for $2k to $3k.

From: Shaft2Long
No it is not.

However you're in luck, the best way to hunt NM is to not live in NM.

From: Rocky D
“ However you're in luck, the best way to hunt NM is to not live in NM.”

Shaft , I would have to disagree.

From: Trophyhill
I don't know about that Shaft. I've drawn a tag 6 out of 11 years trying. I would not want to get my hopes up as a nr thinking drawing a tag would be easier than if being a resident. Although one certainly ups his odds as a nr if he's willing to shell out some coin in the outfitters pool and or buy a LO tag. Incidentally I am not aware of any restrictions on residents using the outfitters pool or buying LO tags.

From: smarba
There is a misconception that NR draw "too many" tags, but if you look at the published odds and check the math, residents have significantly higher odds of drawing tags than NR for the most part...

From: butcherboy
It’s been 19 years since I’ve drawn a deer tag and I put in every year.

From: LINK
Well I’m 12 years I’ve never drawn a NR elk tag in a 16 unit and likely never will... so there. ;)

From: HDE
Seems I draw a tag about every three years, 2020 will be the third year.

From: Franklin
The $2000- $3000 LO tags will still get you a great hunt and a shot at a good bull. Beats the hell out of waiting for years and years.

From: Shaft2Long
My response was largely sarcastic. I didn’t draw an elk tag for 11-12 years. However, every time you open up YouTube or any hunting magazine there’s some non NM resident hunting elk in NM. Incredibly frustrating.

The 11-12 years of non draw was as a solo applicant. In the last 4 years of applying with friends I’ve gone 3 for 4. Although 2 of those years was a 3rd choice spot that most will tell you isn’t worth the time.

3 of 4 with other applicants, 0 for 11 or 12 as a single applicant, just bad luck or some B.S. going on?

From: txhunter58
over the counter DEFINITION by ordinary retail purchase, with no need for a prescription or license

The answer is no, you can not buy a tag OTC.

From: Red Sparky
Shaft2long--I hear you but if you watch the shows where they only have five days to hunt that tells you one thing......LO tag. Seems like most of the shows I see are that way.

From: Shaft2Long
It’s not the 5 day LO hunts. I’ve totally abandoned tv hunting shows for diy YouTube dudes.

From: yooper89
When does the LO tag list come out every year? The link above shows “as of 8/29” but I have to imagine it’s released several months prior to that.

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