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Coming family time...
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newfi1946moose 21-Nov-19
Scooter 21-Nov-19
Scar Finga 21-Nov-19
Given that Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, maybe it is time to ignore all the negative aspects and focus on brotherhood/sisterhood represented in the meal that endears the love and warmth of the family hearth. Last spring a young family moved from another state next door to us and; frankly, have found homesteading tough. We are having our son's family for the meal and the the new family are coming also. Please pause and think what you can do for someone on this coming special day!!!! God bless and my hunting provide immense joy.

From: Scooter
I truly agree....Amen and happy holidays to all....

From: Scar Finga
Amen! The holidays and Christ-mas should be all about giving sharing and forgiveness! God Bless Brothers and Sisters!

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