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11 Yr Old Gets A Biggun
Whitetail Deer
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JL 22-Nov-19
Pat Lefemine 22-Nov-19
Scrappy 22-Nov-19
JohnMC 22-Nov-19
Brotsky 22-Nov-19
Russell 22-Nov-19
Hawkeye 22-Nov-19
bohuntr 22-Nov-19
timex 22-Nov-19
NoWiser 22-Nov-19
Grey Ghost 22-Nov-19
BigOzzie 22-Nov-19
BIG BEAR 22-Nov-19
Duke 22-Nov-19
The dream 22-Nov-19
samman 22-Nov-19
Bowboy 22-Nov-19
GF 22-Nov-19
Glunt@work 22-Nov-19
BoggsBowhunts 22-Nov-19
elkmtngear 22-Nov-19
Franklin 22-Nov-19
drycreek 22-Nov-19
bowhunter24 22-Nov-19
From: JL

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This is a great story about Gramps and the Grandkid. I didn't see it posted just came out. Heck of a buck and congrats to both Gramps and the kid.

From: Pat Lefemine
Wow! Where does he go from there?

From: Scrappy
X2 Pat???

From: JohnMC
Where to from there? -- Golf

From: Brotsky
Wow! That is awesome!

From: Russell
Most likely a good taxidermist!

From: Hawkeye

From: bohuntr
Wow is right! Great story and buck!

From: timex

timex's embedded Photo
timex's embedded Photo
that's great & congrats to the youngster & gramps. this one was killed on a farm I hunt in London county VA during a youth day hunt in September last year I do not know the youngster or his family

From: NoWiser
So cool! I shot my first deer hunting with my grandpa. I still remember, like it was yesterday, running and giving him a huge hug when we found it. Unfortunately back then nobody even thought about taking a picture of us, but it’s still one of my most cherished memories. This kid will remember his grandpa for the rest of his life when he looks at that deer. The fact that the deer is huge is just icing on the cake. Congrats to both of them.

From: Grey Ghost
Wow, talk about setting a high bar from the get go.

Great story.


From: BigOzzie
Timex that is a picture of one of my hunting goals, a deer who's antlers are so big his head does not lay on the ground when you kill him. I have not killed one that wide yet. My daughter did, and it was awesome, but I am still searching for a buck that wide. oz

Wow !!!!

From: Duke
Great story. I love the fact that his Grandpa was with him and that the gun has history with it as well. "Start collecting cans and mowing lawns for taxidermy money, son."

From: The dream

From: samman
I just saw that on Yahoo. Pretty cool for that kid.

Awesome, the kid has this 60 year old man beat already! Gotta love it.

From: Bowboy
He needs to go chase BB buck of a lifetime!

From: GF
Hope not too many people feel the need to hate on the kid!

From: Glunt@work
Awesome. Where to go? Back into the woods next year with a bow. Plenty of room for more milestones for him.

About an hour away from my hometown, a big one or two killed every year in that area. Good for him, knowing that area I’m fortunately surprised spotlighters didn’t beat him to it

From: elkmtngear
Great story...awesome nontypical !

From: Franklin
A local boy shot a 232" non-typical by me this fall. Funny was his older brothers turn to go out with dad but he had basketball practice. So dad took the 12 year old. I think the older brother is still miffed.

I actually had my hands on the rack....massive as all get out.

From: drycreek
Split brows and split kickers on the same rack ! I’ll bet he had trouble sleeping for a couple nights. It’s uphill now, I hope his expectations are realistic for his sake. My son killed one of his best bucks ever for his first. Took him a long time to top it but his zeal never faltered. I hope this kid does the same. Super buck !

From: bowhunter24
There you go Pat MO has some nice ones too! Great story!

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