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Just because it's funny
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jrhurn 22-Nov-19
Fuzz 23-Nov-19
Mpdh 23-Nov-19
lewis 23-Nov-19
Keefers 23-Nov-19
Salagi 23-Nov-19
Woods Walker 23-Nov-19
Woods Walker 23-Nov-19
t-roy 25-Nov-19
Feedjake 25-Nov-19
From: jrhurn
" a lynx. a supped up wildcat". I love Jerry Clowers. What a story teller! I would all to go youtube it and listen to his routines. Some of my favorites are the "banana" made me go stone cold blind and Marcelle Ledbetter's lumber truck.


From: Fuzz
"Shoot up here amongst us... one of us has gosta have some relief! "


"To this day, I don't even each so much as a cookie, without calling momma and asking if it's alright!"

Many hours spent listening to Jerry. Great story teller.

From: Mpdh
Is Jerry Clower the guy who tells the joke about the piccolo player ?

From: lewis
He was funny I met him once in Jackson Ms during a family reunion.He attended Ms State where he played football.Lewis

From: Keefers
My favorite Jerry Clower story was when his uncle asked him to kill “ Della” the mule lol....oh and the monkey that shot the lieing dog...Well heck all of them are funny lol

From: Salagi
Jerry Clower once said "I don't tell funny stories, I tell stories funny." He was indeed a great story teller.

From: Woods Walker

From: Woods Walker
SO many good ones from him! "Marcel's Talking Chain Saw", "The Chauffeur And The Professor"....the list goes on and on!

"If ahm lyin' ahm dyin'!"

From: t-roy
“Would ya’ll like to buy a possum?”

From: Feedjake
I memorized the "supped up wildcat" one and did it Jerry Clower style for an Oral Interpretation in high school.

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